Yu Chengdong confused: 3899 to 1599 flagship aircraft, you do not want it?

Huawei, like Samsung, is on a dual flagship route. Huawei mate series and P-Series are Huawei’s high-end flagship machines, especially mate series. Each conference can enjoy a lot of black technology. This year Huawei has released the mate20 series flagship, which brings us many new functions, such as Kirin 990 processor, 88 degree loop Mu screen, 27W wireless fast charging, etc. Although Huawei mate30 has been released, the former two generations of Huawei mate10 have not yet been cleared. Therefore, only a large price drop can obtain the user’s heart.

today, Huawei mate10 has fallen to the lowest price. The launch price of the machine has reached 3899 yuan. The price has already been cut back to 1599 yuan, and it has been completely reduced to a thousand yuan machine. But the former high-end machine of Huawei mate10, which has been reduced to RMB 1000 yuan, still shows a very low performance. In fact, it is not good. Because the price reduction of high-end flagship is too high, I am really sorry for the users who started with the original price. Yu Chengdong may also be confused. Why can’t you still attract you because of the high price reduction?

Huawei mate10, as Huawei’s flagship generation, has become a thousand yuan machine completely, and its advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. First, the advantages of this mobile phone, the biggest advantage may be Huawei’s high-end flagship machine. After all, it has more face than the thousand yuan machine. In addition, the product control of the machine is very high, and the glass body + metal middle frame. There are also good screens. Although LCD screen, it supports 2K high-definition resolution, which may be better than the ordinary OLED screen.

Huawei mate10 has a good photo taking. It has a dual photo of 20million + 12 million Leica. Although there is no 48million master photos, it supports the optical anti shake of OIS, which is still not available for many thousand yuan or even mid-range machines. In addition, the machine is equipped with 4000mAh high capacity battery, which supports 22.5w fast charging, and IP53 level dust proof and waterproof. Huawei mate10 has good performance. It is equipped with Kirin 970 processor. Although it is an extremely angry processor, it is also Huawei’s high-end flagship chip. The 10nm process has no underestimated performance.

Huawei mate10 has two disadvantages. One is that the machine has been released for a long time. It was released in 2017. Many netizens thought that electronic products should be bought new or not, so many people may not buy them for a long time; the second is that the memory and storage capacity of the machine is not very large, only equipped with 4GB + 64GB memory and storage combination. Now, the program requires operation and storage More and more, the general new 1000 yuan machine, equipped with a large memory capacity.

However, the small editor thinks that Huawei mate10 has fallen so much, and the price of RMB 1000 is still worth starting. After all, Huawei’s high-end flagship machine has fallen down. In many aspects, it is still much better than the thousand yuan machine. Don’t look at the current configuration of the thousand yuan machine and the appearance is very cheap, but in terms of quality control, it is still inferior to Huawei mate10. What do you think? The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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