Without the help of software, one minute lets you say goodbye to pop-up window easily

I believe many people have this kind of situation. As soon as they turn on the computer, there are various pop-up advertisement windows. Or when they are working or chasing a play, the computer suddenly pops up an advertisement. Isn’t it very annoying? Today, I’ll teach you three moves to tear the pop-up window by hand without using software.

2. Then click [process] and find the name of the corresponding pop-up window in the column [description]. Of course, the name is sometimes not obvious, so we need to find it according to our experience. Then select it and right-click to select open file location.

3. After entering the folder, rename the selected file and add the suffix [. Bak] at the end of its name. In this way, the entire advertising program will be hidden, and there will be no more ads.

2. Each program in the program will be triggered within the specified time. You can right-click all the [ready] states and select [disable], or you can only disable what you don’t need, so that the pop-up window will not be triggered.

2. In the Internet properties pop-up box, click privacy, check [enable pop-up program], and then click [settings] to pop up the blocker.

3. In the pop-up box of the blocking program, check [display information bar when pop-up exposure is blocked], and then select [block most automatic pop-up windows] at the blocking level. After that, you can click close to stop the pop-up of advertisements.

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