Windows 10 must have seven high-quality software, each one is black technology, let your computer better use

There are always several apps on the computer that I think are very easy to use. They always make the computer better at the critical moment. I’d like to share 7 of them today. I hope they can help you.

the computer has been used for a long time, and there may be many duplicate files. The most common ones are picture files and music files. You can use this tool to help you find them. It supports searching multiple partitions and multiple folders at the same time. It supports searching by file name, size and time. It can also delete multiple languages and file links. It is very practical.

it is a powerful remote assistance tool. After running, the ID will be automatically generated. The remote computer only needs to input the ID to link. It is suitable for remote access, conference / demonstration online, Conference team cooperation, remote control, desktop sharing and file transmission. The key is that it can penetrate the intranet and the black technology is full.

may be the most practical tool in personal computer at present. Its main functions are to clear garbage, cache and cookie of browser, clean up registry, uninstall software, disable self startup, etc. it is really recommended to use it, which is very convenient.

when using PS / PR to do video, we often encounter some operation that we don’t understand, and it’s very complicated to use. At this time, you might as well use this tool to make videos quickly. You can import video selection templates directly, and you can do it. Simple operation, rich templates, in short, very practical.

the most important thing in a computer is system security. Although there are many anti-virus tools now, the annoying pop-up window still makes people feel bad. However, there is no such problem in the safety of tinderware. It completely intercepts pop-up ads, protects the computer and provides a fresh interface for users.

we have to mention the video download station, which supports 1000 + websites to download videos, including youtube, station B, etc., and can set the 4K resolution to download. It is almost omnipotent and absolutely magical. We don’t need to regret the series.

windows 10 must have seven high-quality software, each of which is black technology, so that your computer can be better used. There is always one you like. Skip to content

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