Will the earth enter the “ice age”? Scientists predict: extreme cold is coming

The term “global warming” may be familiar to many people. In our daily life, we can often feel such changes. Global warming is indeed a fact.

However, we can often hear some news related to global warming, that is, global cooling. Such news will naturally arouse people’s attention and heated discussion.

we believe that scientists can give an accurate answer to this question. According to scientific data, a sudden cooling phenomenon has been detected in the upper atmosphere, which is about 90 kilometers above the South Pole. The cooling rate is very fast, which is 10 times of the average warming rate of the planet surface.

what is the cause of abnormal cooling? After strict calculation, there is a conclusion that refers to the new natural circulation phenomenon, which will appear in the polar high-level.

although this weather phenomenon does have a serious impact on the earth’s climate, there is no need to worry too much about the overall climate model.

in the previous scientific reports of other countries, there was a scientist who once tested the earth’s ice age and gave an accurate time. Now, the ice age is coming.

at the same time, there are also a lot of hearsay that the ice age is coming more and more credible, and even the hot spot of ice age reappearance in July, which instantly pushes the earth to the climax of public opinion.

although the topic of the earth’s ice age reappearance in July has become a hot topic, many gourd eaters will still be disgusted with it. Because there are many people who say that the global warming is going to happen. So is the earth warming or cooling?

for this problem, it may be the conclusion of global warming, and its evidence is also very abundant. But the reason why the theory of cooling appears shows that the temperature of the earth is elusive to us, and we still can’t reach a conclusion on the temperature so quickly.

and Japanese scientists have made new progress in the study of global cooling in recent days. Let’s pay attention to the results.

the research results were issued by a professor of Tokyo University in Japan. His name is Yoshiko Ikeda. His prediction is that the new ice age will reach the earth in 100000 years. And now it is the earth to 100000 years, so the emergence of the extremely cold earth, should be not far away.

this research result is based on the study of the influence of monsoon on climate and the development of dinosaurs 10 million years ago. During the

period, the reference research theories include Lukin Milankovitch’s, which is about the theory of solar radiation change on the earth. It has great reference significance.

and researcher Ikeda also said that the warm and humid climate of the earth’s environment and the next 10 million years is very suitable for people to get used to living in moist and cool organisms. It is indeed a very good period.

at the same time, Milankovitch’s theory also shows that the reason why there will be a new ice age after 100000 years is that the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are too much, thus causing such an impact on the global climate.

so Japanese scientists have come to the conclusion that the arrival of the new ice age is closely related to the change of carbon dioxide content emitted by human beings.

coincidentally, in 2020, NASA experts published a small glacier theory, which also mentioned that there is a great relationship between the content of carbon dioxide and the theory.

this shows once again that there is a certain relationship between carbon dioxide and ice age. Because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, if it is emitted in large quantities, it will lead to more serious global warming, which will lead to a better temperature of the earth.

American research experts have also said that the Arctic ocean current will become more turbulent because of the rapid melting of glaciers. If the wind direction changes again for many years, then a large amount of glacial melt water will flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

so from this analysis, when all the extremely cold glaciers melt into the sea, the normal atmospheric current will also It changed. The possibility of the earth entering a small glacier will increase.

for us who live on the earth, we can feel the change of the earth’s climate. In recent years, the earth is really getting hotter and hotter, and extreme climate phenomena can be seen frequently.

the emergence of a lot of extreme weather makes us feel that the earth’s temperature is really abnormal, and there are more and more high-temperature weather.

we human beings should stop worrying about whether the world is going to become cold or global warming. After all, these two phenomena are not good.

and if the environment on earth becomes very bad, and there may be a mass extinction of organisms, then we humans will also be greatly affected. So protect the earth, man.

warming and cooling is a natural phenomenon of life on the earth. Don’t sit in the scientific research room and feel sorry for not saying a word. No one can control the warming and cooling of the salary. We all know that you are scientists, but what we need is whether you can change the nature. Just do it directly. Don’t talk nonsense. I have heart and heart I accuse you of indirect cause and effect. Hahaha, this is the era of legal system, and the next era is the era of scientific system. You can’t give up just because you are a scientist and don’t want to give up

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