“Wild growth”! 11 over estimated degradable plastics (list) stocks with large growth space

Degradable plastics (+ 0.19%) leading gainers: Mogao shares up: 7 falling companies: 14 trading limit: 3

the 11 stocks are respectively: COFCO technology Ruifeng high material Prince new material Jindan technology Yutong technology Tongcheng new material daoen stock Meilian new material Jinming precision machine Jinfa technology Huaxin new material

Jinfa technology’s single ton gross profit of modified plastics in 2019 will reach 2537 yuan, It is expected that Q1 will remain in a stable state of improvement. Degradable plastics sold 47500 tons last year and 15600 tons in 2020q1, a record high in a single quarter.

as of June 30, 2020, there are 9 major institutions with a total position of 1.309 million shares, accounting for 0.05% of circulating a shares.

the average cost in the near future is 18.26 yuan, and the stock price is above the cost. Long market, and there is an accelerating upward trend. We’ve found a neutral start signal. The unit recently has significant good news, capital by the market attention, multi-party momentum is strong!

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