Why can you place an order when a man buys a 32 Lenovo computer online and is “returned without reason” by a merchant

Recently, if the buyer is not willing to buy goods online, they will find that there is no reason for them to buy goods online What’s going on?

this man is Mr. Zhan. Mr. Zhan said that he was the boss of a computer wholesale shop, and his main business was to sell some computers. A few days ago, when he was browsing Lenovo computers, he unexpectedly found that a Lenovo computer with an original price of 7000 yuan was only 3999 yuan, and even his own purchase price was at least 4900 yuan per set Mr. gezhan ordered a list of 32 computers in one breath. He thought he would wait for the computers to arrive. Who knows, the next day, Mr. Zhan received a phone call saying that the factory price might not deliver the goods, so they would intercept them here.

Mr. Zhan felt puzzled that there was no reason why the list was not delivered. When he looked at the backstage at night, it showed that SF express had already delivered the goods, but the next day he couldn’t find the logistics information. It showed that there was no order. Mr. Zhan was a bit worried. He had never encountered such a thing, so he went to a friend of his peers and found that the express delivery had been intercepted by the merchants Therefore, there is no order information, and the reason for blocking is that the operation price adjustment error caused the customer to place malicious batch order request interception. If you place an order normally, how can it become a malicious order? Go to check the goods that have been filled in by the merchant for seven days, and then return the goods.

if Mr. Zhan wants to find the reason why a seller can help the seller to return goods without any reason, he finds the business theory. However, the merchant asks Mr. Zhan 3999 as the price for Lenovo’s internal employees, why Mr. Zhan can see it, why Mr. Zhan has the registered account number of the internal employees, and who knows that things will have such a big reversal here. Xiaobian thinks that if Mr. Zhan really used the interior Employee account registration, from the perspective of the business, Mr. Zhan, this is an act of exploiting loopholes. Do you have any different views on this matter?

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