Why are female stars so slim after pregnancy? It is difficult for ordinary people to carry out the truth that a long fetus does not grow meat

It is a normal physiological phenomenon for a woman to gain weight obviously after pregnancy, but the female star is “abnormal”. In addition to her abdominal bulge, her limbs are still slender.

Xiao Qiao, 24, was slim before her pregnancy. After her pregnancy, she inflated like a balloon. Talking about the reasons for her rapid weight gain, Xiao Qiao felt helpless.

during pregnancy, her mother-in-law is in charge of her daily life. Her mother-in-law always says, “eat more, nourish well, and the baby in the belly can grow up.”

on the one hand, because of her mother-in-law’s affection, and on the other hand, she wanted to give her children good nutritional conditions. Therefore, in eating, drinking and drinking, Xiao Qiao’s pregnancy figure was completely out of control.

under the supervision of Zhang’s mother, let alone exercise, even a large range of movements will be banned. The most common action every day is to lie in bed and “rest”.

it is quite different from the state after the star is pregnant. Most of the ordinary people after pregnancy, like Xiao Qiao and Xiao Zhang, can’t have a long pregnancy without meat. In addition to their own physical problems, more importantly, stars have strict self-control during pregnancy.

after pregnancy, the fetus and baby need the mother’s food nutrition. Most of the older generation will serve various kinds of nutritious food materials, such as chicken, duck, cattle, sheep, fish, shrimp and crab, on the pretext of “nourishing during pregnancy”.

in the second trimester of pregnancy, the most rapid stage of fetal development, maternal nutrition must keep up with, the maternal diet should avoid greasy, high-fat, and diversified balanced diet structure should be the main.

by the third trimester of pregnancy, all the major organs of the fetus have been formed, but the growth nutrients required by the fetus have not been reduced. Similarly, at this stage, the pregnant mother needs balanced nutrition intake to help their development.

“you can’t exercise during pregnancy, otherwise it will easily lead to miscarriage.” under such a misconception, mothers to be follow the “rest” principle to the end. They can lie down and never sit, sit and never stand. Without exercise to burn calories, natural fat will find you.

take Xie Nan as an example. During her eight months’ pregnancy, she insisted on exercising, and she could not see her figure change at all; Jiang Qinqin, who was also eight months pregnant, insisted on yoga exercise during her pregnancy, still maintaining the beautiful legend of “long fetus without meat”.

of course, it is the truth that “it is appropriate to be quiet and not to move” during pregnancy. If you want to keep exercising during pregnancy, you must also take safety as the premise and give priority to light aerobic exercise. If you want to practice yoga during pregnancy, you must carry out it under the guidance of professionals.

pregnant mothers and their babies share the same breath and common destiny. Many people believe in the nutrition theory of “one for one, two for supplement”. Therefore, many mothers to be have no scruples and open their stomachs to eat during pregnancy.

it’s not a good thing to supplement too much. In addition to the weight gain of pregnant mother, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery, overweight mother can also easily lead to difficulty in movement, increase blood lipid and blood pressure, and bring certain risks for fetal growth and childbirth. Pregnant mothers should control themselves! Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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