When the baby fell off the bed, the mother’s first reaction was affirmed by the doctor, and most parents could not

Baby is the baby in the palm of all parents. After the baby is born, their every move is the focus of attention of parents. After all, the newly born babies are relatively fragile and have no self-care ability, so they need to be taken care of by parents from time to time.

but parents are not omnipotent. There are always times when they slack off 24 hours a day, and the fighting power of the babies is beyond imagination. Maybe it is the second of distraction that they will have accidents.

before, my cousin took care of the baby as an eye ball after giving birth to her baby. But last week, when I went to play at my cousin’s house, at the moment of talking to me, the baby fell off the bed.

instead of picking up the baby quickly, she first used a doll to attract the baby’s attention. When she saw the baby reaching for the baby, she took a long breath, picked up the baby and took her to the hospital.

at first, I was still wondering how my cousin was so calm when the baby fell down. After listening to the doctor in the hospital, I realized how smart my cousin was.

after listening to his cousin’s description, the doctor’s eyes immediately lit up and directly affirmed his cousin’s behavior. He said that he had been a doctor for so many years and rarely saw such a professional parent. This is the correct performance after the baby falls down, but many parents can’t do it.

& gt; as we all know, babies’ bodies are not fully developed. Compared with adults, their bones are much more fragile. Adults fall off the bed, which is a matter of patting their buttocks and standing up. But if babies fall off the bed, it is likely to cause great harm to them.
is it possible to move the bone again. Cousin did not have the first time to hold the baby, can first judge the baby’s injury, see the baby’s movement, found that he did not dislocation the problem before the baby was picked up.

& gt; at the moment of falling down, after receiving the pain signal, the baby’s emotion will certainly be out of control, and the baby will directly hold the baby, and the baby will find himself in the familiar embrace, and the emotion will be released more strongly.

in case the baby falls out of a concussion, excessive emotional ups and downs will only aggravate the baby’s injury. But first uses the toy which the baby is interested in, attracts the baby’s attention, transfers the baby’s pain feeling, also can calm their mood.

> The most important point is to check the baby’s head, check whether the head has bumped with the ground after the baby falls off the bed. The head is the most important organ. Once the head directly contacts the ground, and there are bruises, redness and damage, parents should be alert. It is best to take the baby to the hospital for a comprehensive inspection, so as to avoid any legacy Disease.

& gt; sometimes, there may be no obvious symptoms after the baby falls, but soon after, the baby appears vomiting, sleepiness, crazy crying emotions, parents must not ignore this phenomenon.

under such circumstances, even if the baby does not seem to have any scars, it is also necessary to take the baby to a doctor in time. If there is unconsciousness, you can call the emergency phone when necessary to let the baby go to the hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible.

if the child has vomiting, lethargy, crying and other conditions, be sure to carefully observe the child to see if he is conscious. If not, he should be sent to a doctor immediately; If the baby doesn’t seem to have any major problems, and the head is not damaged, and the baby’s limbs are only slightly red, swollen and bruised, parents can use ice bags or ice towels to ice compress the red and swollen parts of the baby with ice bags or ice towels, so as to reduce the pain of the baby.

of course, if there is bleeding in the head, we should pay attention to it. We must take our baby to the brain surgery department for examination. We must not be afraid of the same thing. We are afraid that in case of cerebral hemorrhage, it is very important to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

However, in the final analysis, no matter how proper and proper treatment is, it is not important for the baby to be intact. The best solution should be to nip all the dangers in the cradle.

parents with babies at home should take adequate safety measures, such as adding guardrails to the bed, laying some cushions on the ground, storing sharp objects and wrapping the corner of the table with soft cloth. All these can ensure the health of the babies.

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