When can we get married? How about the other party?

Look at the future. I was not in good health when I was a child. I was very short, so I haven’t found anyone. When I went to school, my grades in primary school and junior high school were very good, but when I got to high school, I fell into a slump and failed to go to university. At present, my work is not so smooth. I work as a gas station gasifier. Male, born at 1:40 a.m. on September 18, 1988, please analyze your work and fortune. When can you find a partner to get married? How about the other party?

fire C has no root in the local branches. The Japanese yen is the only one to follow. When using gold, the earth and water are happy and worried. Wood fire is the most taboo. Fire C is very weak. Fire C represents you, so you are not in good health and you are short. Before the age of 17, he went to the Universiade of renxu, where he was killed by the God of food and combined noble spirits, so his studies were relatively smooth and his grades were good. However, when he entered the kuihai Universiade in senior high school, he was injured by heavenly stems, which was disadvantageous to his official fame, so his performance plummeted.

now that you are in the great luck of the first year, you should avoid God’s seal star and sit down in the water, which means that you have a lot of troubles at work, feel depressed and can’t see hope. You have a good month column and a prosperous fortune. You belong to the door of wealth and Qi. You are easy to get rich. Unfortunately, it is not so good to transport away. If you can get to the land of wealth, it will be different. Your career will be smooth and your wealth will be pressing.

if you look at your later stage of transportation, the next step is the Yichou Universiade. Wet soil can generate gold, and it is also a treasury, and cadres and expenses hurt officials. It will be the best stage for you to work and earn money. You can have a little fame and accumulate money. Only the local branch ugliness and Tu Heke Official Star will have a lot of faults in the unit.

you are the God of food, and you are suitable to rely on technology to eat. Therefore, it is better to have a specialty, so that the income is more secure, because there is a source of wealth, then the flow of water will be long. Otherwise, when you are 47 years old, you will be in the great luck of Bingyin and Dingmao, and you will have a hard life, hard work, tight economy and easy to break money.

you are a man who is rich in money and money, which shows that the concept of love and marriage is more traditional. It is also a man who values feelings and cherishes his family. This year, gengzi, Gengjin partial wealth revealed, Zishui is the word of marriage palace, should have emotional object, is expected to love.

next year, xinchou will be in harmony with the sun and the earth, and his wife and star will be in good fortune. It means that marriage is here, and marriage should be a success. We need to refuel. You are in good fortune and your wife is prosperous. Your wife is still in peach blossom. Your wife is very capable, beautiful, but also strong. When Bingxin and Bingxin are together, your wife and star will fit in well. In the future, the relationship between husband and wife will be better. She will help you a lot.

However, when the main branches and branches of the sun column are mutually exclusive, the communication between husband and wife is not smooth, and there are also disputes in the process of getting along. You should listen to your wife’s advice. It will be good for you to obey your wife. From the perspective of the original situation, there is no big problem in marriage. After marriage, one can grow old.

but from the perspective of the Universiade, Bingyin and Dingmao, who were 47 years old, either fought for each other, or robbed the property to seize the real wealth, which was not good for his wife and marriage. On the one hand, you need to prevent other men from fighting for his wife. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the health of your wife. In the future, whenever you see the year of the horse or the year of the rabbit, pay more attention to each other’s feelings, and to prevent his wife from getting sick and injured.

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