When American schools resume classes, it has become a “political issue”

the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading, but the federal government has been demanding that schools resume classes, and even press Congress to cut off the funding of those “disobedient” schools. At present, schools in many parts of the United States have resumed school outbreaks, and the number of people diagnosed and quarantined has increased significantly. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the US in Beijing was 5313454

in August 15th and 168446 cases were dead, according to the real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University. According to CNN, 230 confirmed cases have been reported in schools in five states of the United States, and more than 2400 teachers and students have been isolated. However, President trump has repeatedly called for school safety to resume. On August 13, local time, trump told a White House briefing that “if schools choose not to open, we would rather transfer the funds allocated to schools to parents and let them consider other education options.”. According to CNN, the resumption of school classes has become a “political issue”. How about the resumption of classes in the United States? What will be the impact of Trump’s “tough” attitude? According to CNN, under pressure from the federal government, some schools in some areas have resumed face-to-face courses. Suburban schools in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Indiana have resumed classes for nearly two weeks. But then came the worsening epidemic situation on campus. < p > < p > in Cherokee County School District, Georgia, 59 people have been infected with the new coronavirus since the school resumed classes on August 3, and thousands of people have been isolated. “It’s not like a successful resumption at all,” the outgoing Georgia teacher told the media. Thomas Dobbs, Mississippi’s health minister, also said earlier that at least 22 schools have reported school outbreaks since classes resumed. < p > < p > according to ABC, although the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States have issued guidance documents on school resumption, suggesting “phased” reopening of schools, there are still no federal standards for safe school resumption, leading most schools to focus on the local epidemic. < / P > < p > at present, some schools refer to the World Health Organization standard on whether to resume classes, that is, within 14 days of the planned resumption, the local daily virus detection rate must be less than 5%. However, according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of August 14, only 17 states in the United States met the criteria for reopening schools. < / P > < p > in this case, some regions choose “change”. Kentucky governor Andy Bashir said the school epidemic is getting worse, so our school will wait until late September to start face-to-face courses. < / P > < p > according to CNN, at least 27 of the 101 largest school districts in the United States are preparing to postpone the resumption of classes by a week. Officials said the resumption of classes in some areas was delayed due to the lack of preparedness for the epidemic, the continued impact of the new coronavirus and an outbreak in schools. According to the White House website, trump said in an interview with reporters at the White House briefing on August 13, local time, “we hope that schools will be reopened, and children will be very difficult to get new coronavirus infection.”. Trump also stressed that if classes were not resumed on time, funding for “disobedient” schools would be cut off, and he hoped that congressional funding would follow students. “If schools choose not to open, we would rather pass on the funds allocated to schools to parents and let them consider other education options. Because we find that both parents and children want school to resume and they want to return to normal life. Trump has previously tweeted on social media that “people believe that it will be politically disadvantageous for US schools to resume classes before the November election, but opening schools is very important for children and families. If not, I may cut off the funds “! According to the White House website, on August 12, White House press secretary McNally said, “President trump firmly believes that the resumption of school is the top priority of our country at present. He has always advocated that schools should be opened safely in the autumn to ensure that children in our country are well cared for. Long term suspension of classes will do great harm to children and families. Therefore, the trump administration has put forward a proposal to guide the safe resumption of school. < / P > < p > according to the document, the trump Government recommends that students, teachers and employees assess their health every day and seek medical treatment if they have symptoms of infection; schools should maintain good ventilation conditions, and students are advised to wash their hands frequently; and wear masks when they are unable to keep social distance from others. On the same day, trump also held a discussion with some parents, teachers and health experts on how to resume classes safely. Trump said, “every working day, students should go back to school because online teaching is not as effective as classroom teaching. Online and offline courses are not the same thing.”. < / P > < p > according to a study released August 10 by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the association of children’s hospitals, the number of confirmed cases of children in the United States has increased by 90% in the past four weeks. < / P > < p > Olli stressed, “it’s not fair to say that children can be protected from the risk of infection. Within a few months novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the death of 90 children in the United States. When the number of adult cases increases, the infection rate of children will also increase. On August 11, local time, school bus drivers in Los Angeles, California, staged a protest to ask the federal government to resume classes on the premise of safety and provide more funds instead of cutting off funds, Reuters reported. “I want us to stay at home until the epidemic is completely contained,” said John Lewis, a school bus driver. I miss my job and love the students, but I know we can’t go to work now because it’s not safe. “. < p > < p > according to a public opinion survey conducted by education weekly in July, 60% of the respondents believed that Trump’s tough attitude of requiring schools to resume classes intensified their views on trump. Two thirds of parents across the United States disagree with Trump’s approach to school resumption, according to a Washington Post poll. “We closed the school in March, when there were only a few cases, and now we have thousands of confirmed cases, and are we still required to go back to school?” Kelly Williams, head of Pontiac school district in Michigan, said in an interview? It’s meaningless at all. It’s bringing disaster to us. “. < p > < p > the federal government contributes about 30% of the budget to Pontiac School District, but she is reluctant to take the risk, even if the full resumption of classes ensures federal funding. “For the past 30 years, I’ve always believed that parents need to choose their children’s education, but it’s never been so obvious,” Angela Morabito, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of education, told ABC. At present, the most favorable choice for families is safe, face-to-face learning, or distance online learning. The key word here is security. “. But ABC points out that most officials don’t know what “security” means. According to CNN, school reopening has become a “political issue” and has exacerbated tensions between state and local officials. < p > < p > the Florida Department of Education issued an executive order on July 6, requiring all public schools in the state to resume classes by August 31 and start teaching face-to-face. However, Hillsborough public school ignored the order, changed the original plan to resume classes, and decided to only carry out online courses. “Hillsborough County Board of education needs to comply with the law, it’s that simple,” Florida education Commissioner Richard corcorcoran said in a statement. Although it is an emergency, we cannot ignore it. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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