What’s the problem with the half price meal policy failed to stimulate consumption?

[Global Times reporter Ji Shuangcheng] on the one hand, the epidemic situation is not retreating, and on the other is the economic recession. In order to revitalize the economy, the Johnson government of Britain has come up with a solution that seems to be “losing money” – half price meal. Since August, more than 70000 restaurants across the UK have launched half price services to encourage consumers to “go out to eat, go out to help” and help others and boost the economy. However, in the first week after the half price meal was launched, the author did not see the phenomenon of customers flooding into the restaurant. On the contrary, more chain restaurants announced the closure. What is the problem? < / P > < p > half price meal, real price. From England to Scotland, about 72000 restaurants make it clear that all but drinks and tips are halved. According to the British custom, a lunch or dinner will usually order 20 to 30 pounds of food and drink, so half price is really cost-effective. British people will bake a big pizza for themselves and their families for dinner. In the past, it costs 10 pounds for a meal in a restaurant. In order to save money, many people have to go to the supermarket to buy cheap frozen pizza, and then go home and make it by themselves. Now, the introduction of half price meal undoubtedly makes them happy. In the morning, I think the price of hamburger is half price in the restaurant, and the half price of chicken is half price in the restaurant. The Johnson administration will be satisfied if the half price meal really ignites the British economy. On the surface, the government should subsidize half of the cost of half price meals, but people living in Britain can understand the government’s calculation: half price meals are not available every day, only from Monday to Wednesday, and only in August. Monday to Wednesday are weekdays. In fact, the government is encouraging more people who are unwilling to go out because of the epidemic to return to work. Only August is mainly because it hopes to stimulate Chinese consumption and make up for the loss caused by the sharp drop in foreign visitors. Of course, the unwillingness of long-term subsidies is also related to the huge financial expenditure pressure. However, after half price meals are implemented for a week, the market is not warm, and some towns are still like ghost towns. In Waterloo station hall, London, which has a large daily flow of people, there are several chain stores joining the “half price meal” plan. However, during lunch time, the author found that almost no patrons. More passengers still choose not to take advantage of the “half price of food in the hall”. They bring their own dry food and drinking water, and quietly solve their lunch. < / P > < p > “why not take advantage of the discount to spend?” At the railway station, I have been to London business trip Bernard to understand the idea. The 40 year old investment consultant said the main reason was that he didn’t want to “pile up” to avoid infecting the new coronavirus. He mentioned that, like many colleagues, he still mainly works at home and has very little time to go out. As for dining out, he can still avoid it. According to the survey, from the closure of the city in March to the lifting of the closure in June, and then to a new round of epidemic risk in August, only one third of the British admitted to returning to work. The risk of the epidemic brings uncertainty. For restaurants, it is not clear how much food should be prepared to keep the cost. On the outskirts of London, the author chatted with Mr. Wang, the owner of a Chinese restaurant, about half price meals. Mr. Wang wanted to join the program, but he gave up. In his opinion, the biggest problem is that once a diner is found to have symptoms, his restaurant is likely to have to close down and his staff will be quarantined; “half price meals” are limited to working days, and his business only improves slightly on weekends. “Before the outbreak, I had a monthly turnover of 30000 pounds. Now I can’t even afford 3000 pounds a month. I dare not take any more risks.” Mr. Wang said. Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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