What will the universe look like when all the stars burn up

Our sun is really perfect, really, not very big, not very small, not hot or cold, temper is not very irascible, everything is just right! It burns hydrogen fuel into helium very slowly through the fusion process. And we are lucky to be born in the prime of the sun, the sun is very stable, but for now the sun has been 20% brighter than when it was a child.

when it comes to the whole process of the big bang, including the early development of the universe, the space of the universe has been expanding violently. Especially during periods of inflation, if we think of the universe as a grain of sand, it’s about the size of the observable universe.

I have read relevant information on Caiye website before. The universe is a concept of space, not an entity. The universe is a natural celestial body with infinite, boundless and infinite matter, which objectively exists in infinite space. It is composed of countless stars and their stellar systems. The matter existing in the stars and their stellar systems is an independent whole of periodic material circulation. In the whole of each stellar system, the mass of matter in its existence is conserved

false Let’s assume that our local Galaxy Group has merged into a huge elliptical galaxy, but as the expansion rate increases, the galaxy structure will be slowly disintegrated by dark energy!

first of all, the outermost stars, those least connected to the galaxy, will be the only galaxy to be expelled. Eventually, with the increase of dark energy, even the innermost stars will be kicked out, forming a dispersed, expanding universe of stellar systems. At this time, the largest structure of the universe is a star system like the solar system!

the expansion rate will eventually become so large that all structures, from stars to planets to individual atoms, will be torn apart. In the last few seconds of the universe, even subatomic particles will be torn out of the atom, and the universe will end in an unprecedented tear. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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