What to do if win10 fails to reset

The reason why win10 can be loved by so many users is that it has some advantages and adds many new functions. For example, this reset function can restore the software in the computer to its original state. This function is just like the function of restoring factory settings in a mobile phone. However, in some cases, the function will fail to reset. How to solve this problem? Let’s talk about

4. There are two options: the first is “keep my file” and the second is “delete all contents”. If you want the system to be more pure after reset, you can choose “delete all contents”,

5, and then wait a moment, The following page will pop up to prompt that your computer has multiple drives, and then ask you “do you want to delete all the files in the drives?” it is recommended that you select “only the drives with windows installed, so only the system disk will be processed, otherwise, all disks will be formatted, and you will lose all files.

6, and then pop up the page “do you want to clean these drives?” we suggest that you choose the second item “delete files and clean drives”, which is safer, but it will take more time. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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