What should Baoma, who has just given birth to a baby, pay attention to when she is in confinement? Understanding of parenting experts

Pregnant women in childbirth, how to scientific confinement? Confinement, in China, is a relatively important thing for mothers who have just given birth to their children.

if we say that people who have not given birth to children sometimes watch pregnant women who have given birth abroad, they will have a baby in the morning, and they will go out in the afternoon if they have something to do. They even don’t have to rest and still have to go to work.

but in our country, especially in rural areas, the environment of confinement is quite closed. First of all, the puerpera should cover her head to her feet. Secondly, the doors and windows should be closed tightly, and they can’t breathe a trace of wind, and they don’t take a bath for a month.

when a woman gives birth to a child, it will take about 1 l of blood to give birth. If it is a C-section, the bleeding is about 1.5 L. For a person of 100 Jin, his blood volume is about 3500 to 4000 ml.

when a woman gives birth to a child, the amount of blood she bleeds is actually equivalent to a quarter to a fifth of her body’s blood. If the body suddenly has to give out so much blood, their body must be very weak.

most people think that this is maternal hypocrisy. In fact, it’s just that they lose too much blood in a short period of time, leading to a large amount of nutrient loss, resulting in a sharp decrease of hormone by 90%, thus disturbing the brain’s neural communication system.

one of the most important reasons is that they have to take care of their babies, which leads to poor sleep and irritability. Therefore, in order to speed up the recovery of good body Qi and blood, the puerpera must have a good month. So what does the puerpera eat in the month and how to eat it to be more conducive to the recovery of the body

the first week is the most critical period for maternal excretion of lochia. At this time, the prenatal edema and excess water in the body will also be discharged at this time. Therefore, the first week after delivery, the puerpera should choose the liquid food which is easy to digest but rich in nutrition, such as egg flower soup and lotus Wrap eggs, etc.

after the first week of conditioning, the appetite of the pregnant woman will definitely improve. At this time, the puerpera can eat as much food as possible to nourish the blood, so as to regulate the Qi and blood. At the same time, it is also necessary to add the recipe for lactation to the puerpera, such as peanut pig’s hoof soup, crucian carp soup, longan red date porridge, etc.

at this time, the maternal should take the high protein diet as the key. The maternal should not only consider their own protein demand, but also the baby’s protein demand. Therefore, at this time, the maternal should eat appropriate amount of nuts, walnuts, sesame, etc. Of course, the more recommended milk pear porridge, walnut and pine kernel corn soup, mushroom egg noodles and so on.

1. Because cold food can affect the blood and blood of the maternal body, if eating cold things, it will cause maternal body pain.

2. Drinks and spicy and greasy food. For example, strong tea, coffee, and all spicy, fried, greasy food, pregnant women can not eat during the month.

after reading these, whether it’s a father-in-law, a mother-in-law, or a mother-in-law waiting for a baby, please pay attention to it. We must let the puerpera sit in the confinement scientifically and never treat it at will.

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