What is the relationship between Huawei mobile phone and glory mobile phone

In the first half of this year, Huawei’s P40 series and glory 30 series of mobile phones were released one after another, causing many consumers to fall into the dilemma of choice. Both mobile phones focus on photography, both use Kirin 9905g SOC, and both are backed by Huawei Group. Which one is more suitable for them? Some consumers ask a question directly targeting the soul of the brand: “what is the relationship between Huawei mobile phone” and “glory mobile phone”?

there are some wrong statements on the network about the relationship between “Huawei mobile phone” and “glory mobile phone”, For example, glory is a sub brand or online brand of Huawei. In fact, glory and Huawei are a pair of “brother” brands with different styles.

it can be seen from the organization chart of Huawei group that Huawei implements the dual brand strategy in consumer business. Glory and Huawei are two brands under BG of Huawei Group. Glory was born out of Huawei in 2013 and established its brand. At the beginning, glory was an Internet brand for young people of Huawei Group, specializing in online market. With the strong scientific and technological strength of Huawei Group, glory quickly seized the opportunity of Internet and 4G popularization, and surpassed Xiaomi to become the first Internet brand in China in 2017. Now glory has become an omni channel brand, and its online and offline performance will be equally divided in 2019.

as a pair of brothers under Huawei Group, glory and Huawei share the same root and origin with Huawei Group in technology. Glory mobile phone and Huawei mobile phone share the same core technology. Zheng Fangfang, vice president of the mobile phone product line of Huawei’s consumer business, has publicly said that relying on the tree of Huawei’s technology and quality system, glory and Huawei’s mobile phones use the same set of R & D and production standards.

it is understood that glory strictly implements the QMS quality management system, forming a high-level management system from product conceptual design and development to procurement, manufacturing and testing. The standards used by glory exceed the compulsory certification requirements of Europe and the United States. Equipped with the industry’s leading reliability laboratory, rigorous and comprehensive mobile phone quality test can be called “abnormal”, even exceeding the industry standard.

in terms of product design, glory products are more bold and bold. Taking glory 30 series and Huawei P40 series as examples, the glory 30 series’s titanium air silver and neon shadow purple enlarge the glory honor logo for the first time and arrange them on the extension line of the camera matrix, with high recognition. The P40 series fuselage of Huawei adopts nano ceramic technology, adopts four curved overflow screen, and the corner of the frame becomes more mellow. With relatively introverted color matching such as bright black, zero degree white and deep sea blue, it shows a simple and elegant high-level style. This style also makes Huawei’s products more popular with business people.

generally speaking, the relationship between “Huawei mobile phone” and “glory mobile phone” is like a brother fighting its own way. We expect Huawei to make more leading products, and we also believe that glory will make more fashionable products that meet the aesthetic needs of young people.

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