What are the differences between domestic and foreign universities? Which one do you prefer compared with the four famous university dormitories

If one has not experienced college life, it is a pity. Therefore, students all over the world have a sacred yearning for the University. However, there are still some differences between domestic and foreign universities. What are the differences between domestic and foreign universities? Let’s compare the four famous college dormitories to see which one you prefer.

let’s take a look at university dormitories abroad. The first is Harvard University as like as two peas. The students’ dormitory is very concerned about the privacy of the students. So a student can own a room alone. If it is not a dormitory, it is just like a single apartment, even more warm.

the second is Cambridge University, which also attaches great importance to personal privacy. Because it is located in the UK where the rent is relatively high, the dormitory area here is a little smaller than that of Harvard University, but the same things are available and very warm. The design of the room also uses the simple style, looks very fresh and incomparable.

compared with foreign famous schools with strong independence, China’s famous schools obviously pay more attention to interpersonal relationship. Therefore, Tsinghua University still follows the multi person standard of Chinese universities. Tsinghua University is a four person room, getting on and off the bed, but the design of getting up and down the bed is very reasonable. The upper part sleeps and the lower part lives and studies. Because there are stairs connected, it is very convenient to get on and off the bed.

Peking University is also a room for four people. However, the overall color of the dormitory is more fresh and lively than that of Tsinghua University. The most attractive part of the dormitory is the big cabinet, which can be used to hold clothes or bookcases. For Xueba, it is also a good storage space.

although it is very difficult for these famous universities to go to study, after all, the students here are top-notch. Of course, if you have a choice, which of the four famous schools will you choose? Or do you have a better dormitory recommendation?

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