What are people playing in the richest part of the world? Reveal the game state of Arab players

For the Arab countries, which account for more than 70% of the world’s oil reserves, the impression is almost all: everyone is a local tyrant, rich in oil, everywhere in gold However, in sharp contrast to their material wealth, they still live in the barren desert of spiritual life: no KTV, no cinema, no bar and nightclub. In such an environment, the game has become the last spiritual comfort of the local young people. Today, let’s talk about what kind of games are the richest players in the world.

according to an online questionnaire survey conducted in the Middle East in 2010, the host penetration rate in Arab countries has exceeded 60%, which can be said to be the first choice of leisure and entertainment for many contemporary young people. As mentioned above, even if young people who need to follow the traditional doctrine buy a game console, it does not mean that they can enjoy all the popular games freely. Sensitive games such as GTA and wizard series are naturally blacklisted by the government. Even Nintendo, which seems harmless to humans and animals, has been banned. The only available games are mostly first person shooting games and sports games.

just as there are large and small Internet cafes in China, in Saudi Arabia, the favorite place for young people to gather on the street is to play the “live football” series in the airport hall.

surprisingly, the most popular game type for female players in Arab countries is shooting games. During the game exhibition held in Jordan, the most lively place in the venue was the Swiss round of “call of duty” with 1600 female players.

walking in the streets of Saudi Arabia will give you the illusion that time has stopped. It seems that Arabs do not all want to pursue the latest and most dazzling hardware, and experience the ultimate experience of large screen 4K games. On the contrary, the most popular host in Saudi Arabia is PS2 nearly a decade ago.

in addition to the various shooting games and sports games on PS2, they are Arab’s favorite. The real reason is simple – PS2 is the lowest cost platform for piracy.

the European, Middle East and African team of American mobile video advertising platform adcolony studied the main characteristics of game players in three countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, in a study combining data and information maps. It was found that more than 80% of Arab players were not willing to pay for genuine games. Even in the impression that the Arabs are rich, the polarization between the rich and the poor in Arab countries has led ordinary people to choose cheaper pirated games.

there is a popular saying on the Internet: I have four friends who have made a game for Saudi Arabia, which costs less than 4 million yuan. They spend nearly 40 million yuan a month in Saudi Arabia, while there are only 12 players. With a few words of laughter, the Middle East game market represented by Saudi Arabia is rich in local players.

if the common people still choose relatively cheap PS2 pirated games for economic reasons, then those players who really have so much money that they can’t afford to spend will naturally spend money on those bottomless mobile games.

Hussam hammo, a Jordanian game developer, also said: the average monthly recharge amount of players in their games is $270. Japanese sociologist Sato also mentioned in his interview that in order to study the social problems in the Middle East, he lived in the local B & B for a period of time. According to Sato, local parents said that almost one student in every class recharged more than 1 million yen a month. In the face of Sato’s surprise, parents responded that it was no big deal.

under the influence of many factors, such as traditional culture, religion and cultural policies, the game ecology of Arab countries is also full of a kind of exotic customs with great differences in the mainstream market.

if you are a local power player, would you like to buy the best equipment to enjoy the 3A masterpiece, or would you like to be the first in the world in mobile games? Welcome to discuss in the comments section. Readers also want to know which countries and regions in the world play all kinds of games. They are also welcome to leave a message and tell us that it may become the content of the next issue of the article. Isn’t a happy meal safe? Six year old girl eats “Mask” in McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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