Wang Yi: China US cooperation has never been a gift from one side to the other, nor a deprivation of the other

Wang Yi said that Sino US cooperation has never been a gift given by one side to the other, nor deprived by one party of the other. Both China and the United States have benefited greatly from the cooperation, and there is no problem of who suffers losses and who takes advantage of others.

for a long time, China and the United States have formed an integrated community of interests through complementary advantages and mutually beneficial cooperation. China’s rapid development not only benefits from the open cooperation with other countries, including the United States, but also provides the driving force and huge market space for the United States and other countries. If, as some people have said, the cooperation between China and the United States is unfair and unequal, how can this situation last for decades? How can China US relations develop to the depth and breadth of today?

of course, while globalization and free trade create development dividends, they will also bring contradictions and problems to their respective economic structure and benefit distribution. This needs to be adjusted through its own reform, instead of letting others take medicine when they are sick. Instead of blaming others blindly, we even hope to solve problems through the so-called “decoupling”.

Wang Yi said that with the development of globalization, the interests of all countries are intertwined. China has always maintained that the development of China and the United States is not an “either or” relationship. There is no need to exclude each other. We can borrow from each other and achieve mutual success. At present, the world economy is seriously impacted by the epidemic. As the two largest economies in the world, China and the United States should adhere to equality and mutual benefit, promote the development of bilateral relations through cooperation rather than decoupling, and shoulder their due responsibilities for the world.

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