Wan Sheng Street: Bauman is becoming more and more affectionate to Ross. Nick’s “God assist” has made his mother lose her job

In the cartoon “10.31 million Saint Street”, the devil Nick experienced family changes when he was a child. His father James left without any reason, and his mother rose had to take him to work around to make a living.

gradually, Nick found that uncle Bowman, the store manager, was always peeping at his mother, but his mother had been working hard and knew nothing about Uncle Bauman’s actions. Intuition tells nick that uncle Bowman must be interested in his mother!

but then again, uncle Bauman is very good. He takes good care of Ross’s mother and son. He not only arranges relatively easy work for Ross, but also often chats with Nick and cares about his lonely child.

Nick was very smart since he was young. He saw Uncle Bowman’s Thoughts on his mother, so he preempted him and told uncle Bauman that he had no chance because his mother had only father in his heart.

Nick’s words did not scare Bauman away, but made him firm in his desire to pursue rose. When he heard Nick say that rose didn’t like office romance, he immediately fired rose. In this way, they would not be regarded as the relationship between the boss and employees, and they could communicate freely.

in this way, rose lost her job because of Nick’s “God’s help”. However, in her previous relationship, she had seen that Bauman was a person worthy of trusting for life, so she was still with Bauman. After marriage, they had a very happy life, and there was love crystallization, which was mud.

conclusion: James and Bauman are both demons, but their personalities and marriage and family concepts are not the same. Therefore, no matter which country or race there are responsible good men, it depends on whether you meet by fate. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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