Vivo S7 front 44 megapixel AF dual shot lightweight selfie flagship 3 see you!

[mobile phone China News] before that, vivo mobile officially announced the release date of the vivos 7 mobile phone, which will be officially launched on August 3. In addition, officials have already released part of the phone’s appearance information. On July 31, vivo announced the front lens parameters of the camera again.

according to the information released by vivo, vivo S7 is a lightweight self portrait flagship. The front camera module is equipped with 44 million pixel AF dual camera self shooting lens to illuminate your beauty. The front main lens of this mobile phone has a pixel size of 44 million pixels, and its shooting effect should be excellent. In addition, the official stressed that “AF double camera self timer” has superior focusing ability compared with the front camera of the machine, which makes people expect its performance.

in other aspects, we can see from the official publicity photos that the fuselage of vivo S7 mobile phone is very thin, which continues the lightweight design of this series of mobile phones. Among them, Liu Haoran showed the appearance of the back of the mobile phone. There are three lenses in the rear camera module. The lens at the top is relatively large, which makes people think of the micro pan tilt lens that vivo has launched before. I wonder if this mobile phone will be equipped with it? We can focus on this conference.

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