Venezuelan Minister of communications infected with new coronavirus is Maduro’s close advisor

Beijing, August 13 (Xinhua) Rodriguez, a close advisor to Venezuelan President Maduro and Minister of communications of Venezuela, said on the 12th that he had been diagnosed with new coronavirus. At the same time, Venezuela’s daily new confirmed cases are gradually climbing. “I’m generally in good condition, but in order to fight the virus, I have to comply with the quarantine rules and take the necessary care,” Rodriguez reported on the social networking site Up to now, several senior officials of Maduro government have been infected with new coronavirus. In July, the first vice chairman of Venezuela’s ruling party, the United Socialist Party, announced the diagnosis. According to the latest news, Kawai said his body is recovering. Venezuela reported on the 12th that nearly 250 deaths and 29000 confirmed cases have been reported since March. According to official data, more than 1000 new confirmed cases were confirmed in Venezuela on the 11th for the first time. 62538 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in India were confirmed to be 2 million.

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