US media: the United States is freezing in Latin America, while China is helping

Many observers in the region believe that the rising China is the leading force in Latin America and the Caribbean as the United States retreats from global leadership and the new epidemic has caused serious damage. China has been playing an important role in the region since the first strong outbreak of the epidemic. When the virus swept through one country after another, China took action, donating at least 150000 masks and a batch of protective clothing to Brazil, dozens of ventilators and monitors to Peru, 50000 test kits and 100000 medical masks to Argentina, 100000 masks and 50000 test kits to Mexico The recipient countries expressed their appreciation. These actions are only a small part of China’s recent efforts. According to the statistics of the Inter American dialogue organization, by the end of June, Chinese entities had completed nearly 300 activities related to epidemic assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean. “Humanitarian assistance may be a consideration, mainly because China wants to ensure its image,” said Margaret Myers, who helped compile the statistics < / P > < p > in the past 15 years, China has spent tens of billions of US dollars in the region, mainly providing various projects to the region in the form of loans. Nearly 20 countries have one of the “one belt, one road” initiative. Chinese enterprises have a large business in the region, and dozens of Chinese supported cultural centers have been established there. Overall, this is a large investment. < p > < p > China’s “mask diplomacy” of delivering medical supplies to the world has become a hot news topic. In contrast, the United States, on the contrary, has not sent personal protective equipment and related articles to its allies, but has frozen such items for their own use. “China is the first country to provide in kind donations,” said Cynthia Arnson, director of the Wilson Center’s Latin America program The project tracks the contribution of China and the United States to the epidemic situation across Latin America. It makes China look like a good guy in Washington’s backyard. Some people believe that the United States has missed a good opportunity and will be affected in the future if it fails to participate in activities in the region during the crisis. Robert Daley, director of Kissinger’s Institute of American and Chinese studies, said: “this is a serious oversight of the US leadership.” Some people in the U.S. government have noticed this and have begun to act recently. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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