US media: the United States has become an isolated ally in the Security Council or has turned to support Russia

U.S. media pointed out that as the UN Security Council accelerated its vote on the U.S. government’s resolution to expand the arms embargo on Iran, Washington has increasingly found itself isolated, even without the help of European allies. According to an article published on the 12th by Bloomberg, Europeans are no longer willing to help the United States on the 15 member Security Council. The article said that since the beginning of taking office, the current US administration has unnecessarily countered with European leaders, and can not rely on them to support the United States to prevent Iran from acquiring powerful weapons. At present, the United States has distributed the revised resolution proposal to all countries to maintain the UN arms embargo against Iran. According to UN Security Council resolution 2231, which contains the Iran nuclear agreement, the ban will end on October 18. The U.S. government was forced to abandon its first proposal, which calls for other countries to join the US camp, sanction individuals and entities, and ban goods to and from Iran. Compared with the original 7-page, 35 paragraph resolution, the new draft has only four paragraphs. The draft also calls for an expansion of the arms ban on Iran “until the Security Council decides otherwise”. After the end of the embargo, Germany, France and the UK “are likely to agree, by acclamation or acquiescence, to sell tanks, missiles and fighters from other countries to the Islamic Republic,” the article predicts. “It’s diplomatic equivalent of cutting your nose to cover up your face. European leaders will actually act as unpaid agents for Russian arms manufacturers, because their own weapons producers will still be bound by U.S. sanctions. In exchange for betraying their principles, they only enjoyed some schadenfreude: the surrender of the United States government to the Security Council. ” < / P > < p > if Iran’s arms embargo is not renewed, the United States may try to rebound to the UN sanctions before the signing of the Iran nuclear agreement. But at the same time, after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement, Washington has lost the right to invoke the terms of the agreement in 2018. The article points out that after burning down its bridge with Europe, the U.S. government may have used intermediary agencies to demonstrate, and the most obvious candidates will be Arab countries. It is reported that the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf recently sent a letter to the United Nations calling for the expansion of the arms embargo against Iran. But “in this regard, the efforts of the United States government are too little and too late.”. At the same time, Iran is weakening the efforts of the United States. Iranian President Rohani said the U.S. efforts to expand the arms embargo will fail, and the United States itself will face isolation in the UN Security Council. Iran is “full of hope” for this. Rouhani also urged neighboring countries not to let Washington “exploit” their efforts to advance their own agenda. In the end, the article points out that the Security Council is unlikely to extend the arms ban and the possibility of a sudden rebound is very small. Therefore, the main hope of refusing Iran access to advanced weapons may lie in the threat of sanctions imposed by the United States on Russian arms manufacturers. “Of course, if accompanied by European sanctions, the threat will be even stronger.” But the U.S. government must face the dilemma that its allies are not willing to do so. Constellation

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