US media: opinion polls show Biden’s leading edge is increasing

On August 14, local time, the latest poll was jointly released by national public radio, public television network of the United States and Marist polling center. The data showed that presidential candidate Biden was obviously ahead of trump, with the support rate of Biden and trump being 53% and 42% respectively. < / P > < p > at the same time, the survey also showed that only 39% of the respondents agreed with trump and 31% believed that they could trust the information provided by trump. Biden led trump by 53% and 58% in response to the epidemic and racism by 37% and 34% respectively. In terms of economy and people’s livelihood, trump is currently in the lead, leading Biden by two percentage points. Compared with the survey in March, the gap between the two narrowed by six percentage points. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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