US media: Britain is facing a future without Chinese tourists


novel coronavirus pneumonia has led to a stagnation of tourism in China. However, with the deteriorating relations between the two countries, people do not know when tourism and consumption will recover. In recent months, the UK and China have been at loggerheads over outbreaks, technology and Hong Kong. We have reason to believe that even if the epidemic situation is alleviated, the above reasons may still affect Chinese outbound travel. The United States is a good example. Since 2017, Beijing and Washington have been engaged in a protracted trade war. Since then, the Chinese government has regularly issued “safety reminders” to Chinese tourists. After 2006, the number of Chinese tourists to the United States increased exponentially every year, but slowed down in 2017, and then dropped suddenly in 2018. The American Tourism Association attributed this to “continuing trade tensions between the two countries and China’s official statement to dissuade travel to the United States.”. At the same time, the relationship between Australia and China is also unstable. In 2019, the number of Chinese tourists to Australia will begin to stabilize. In June, Beijing warned Chinese citizens not to travel to Australia. Huang Songshan, a professor of tourism and service marketing at Edith Cowan University in Australia, said “I think Australia and the UK are facing very similar situations” when it comes to Chinese tourists. Helena bird, general manager of UK based “China outbound tours”, believes that although China has not issued a travel warning to the UK, this will happen if relations between the two countries continue to deteriorate. This will be a devastating blow to the British economy. The number of visitors to the UK will increase by 882 million in 2019. These tourists spend 1.7 billion pounds in the UK, according to the National Tourism Administration. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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