Under the epidemic situation, the unmanned delivery vehicle landed 11 months ahead of schedule. Does little brother want to become a “white collar”?

“during the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the demand for contactless distribution was coming up. Combined with the business needs, we chose to buy vegetables business in Shunyi District of Beijing to do the official operation pilot of unmanned distribution. It’s about 11 months ahead of our expectations. ” Shenhao, director of algorithm for unmanned vehicle distribution center of, said in an interview with Economic Daily China economic network. < p > < p > meituan’s research on unmanned distribution began in the second half of 2016. Shen Hao told reporters that unmanned distribution technology is actually based on driverless technology, “the difference is that we are facing non motorized lanes, the speed will be lower, and the safety factor will be higher. At the same time, there are no passengers in the delivery vehicle, so the requirements for the passenger experience will be reduced. ” < / P > < p > “in the early stage, we developed a small distribution robot called” small bag “, which can do some distribution in parks and buildings. It can get through the elevator and send it directly to the door of users.” Shen Hao said, novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the public demand for contactless distribution broke out, Shunyi District’s government has also supported the technology of unmanned distribution. So we combined with business needs, and chose vegetable shopping business in Shunyi District to do the pilot operation of unmanned distribution. It’s about 11 months ahead of our previous expectations. ” < / P > < p > “compared with takeaway, unmanned delivery vehicles have larger capacity and can deliver more orders at a time. For example, there are some heavy items in the vegetable business. In addition, unmanned delivery vehicle is a high-tech product, there will be a variety of sensors on the top, for the product’s preservation and heat preservation will be better. There is also a single explosion, such as rush hours or bad weather, unmanned distribution vehicles can be a good way to ease the tension of transportation < p > < p > Shen Hao told reporters that at present, they are developing an unmanned distribution vehicle with separate lunch boxes. “When each item is put in, it will automatically match the table according to the order information, and make some customized heat preservation and moisturizing control. When taking meals, users only need to input the verification code or scan the QR code, then they can open the corresponding lunch box and take out the items. ” Shen Hao said the design is not technically difficult to implement and will not increase power consumption too much. When it comes to power consumption, the reporter also asked about the operating costs of meituan unmanned distribution vehicles. In this regard, Shen Hao said that it would be divided into two stages. “Before mass production, the cost will be relatively high. The cost of lidar and some sensors on the car is relatively high. At present, we are more concerned with ensuring the timeliness of delivery and alleviating the demand for transport capacity. In the long run, if the production of unmanned distribution vehicles reaches thousands or tens of thousands, the cost will drop very quickly, and then it can help the company achieve profits. ” < / P > < p > then, will unmanned delivery completely replace the express delivery brother? Today, there are 600000 orders per day. From the perspective of the development of the whole catering industry, the order volume will increase exponentially. At this time, it is very difficult to recruit another 5.6 million takeaway brothers, which is also in contradiction with the proportion of China’s labor force. Therefore, we hope to solve the problem of insufficient transport capacity through unmanned distribution. In addition, after the scale operation of unmanned distribution vehicles, many new posts will be created, such as vehicle operation and maintenance, vehicle scheduling, vehicle maintenance, etc., at this time, the express brother can also be transferred to a safer and more comfortable work. ” Shen Hao said. < / P > < p > “the landing of unmanned distribution vehicles not only involves technology, but also involves supporting policies and industries as well as supporting road facilities. For example, the traffic lights on the road can do some v2x technology for unmanned vehicles, and know the current traffic light status through information transmission directly. This is a very large project and requires the close cooperation of the government, industry and academia. ” Shen Hao said that the popularization of 5g will also greatly promote the unmanned distribution. After the popularization of 5g, the data transmission bandwidth will be wider and the speed will be faster, which can provide some better security for unmanned vehicles. < / P > < p > “Pakistan is currently in the early stage of takeout development, with a large population, and there is a large space for the growth of takeout industry. From this perspective, Pakistan will also have a huge demand for unmanned distribution in the future. In addition, the temperature in Pakistan can reach more than 40 degrees in summer, and the requirements for heat preservation of takeout will be higher. The delivery of takeout brother under high temperature is also very hard. At this time, the advantages of unmanned delivery vehicles will be more obvious. ” Shen Hao said, “although currently we mainly focus on the operation and testing of meituan’s business in China, if we have the opportunity, we are also very willing to do some technical or talent exchanges with Pakistan.” < / P > < p > “recently, our country’s Beidou networking has been successful, which is very helpful to improve our positioning accuracy. Then I understand that Pakistan is the first overseas country to use China’s Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS). Based on this Beidou technology, in fact, it will play a very good role in promoting the landing of unmanned distribution in Pakistan. ” Shen Hao said.

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