U.S. raises draft arms embargo against Iran president of Iran: this violates Iran’s nuclear agreement

[Global Times reporter Ren Zhong Liu Yupeng Chen Xiang] more intense competition over the Iran nuclear agreement has opened the curtain. U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, kraft, submitted a simplified draft to the Security Council on the same day, demanding that the United Nations extend the arms embargo on Iran indefinitely, Iran’s state news agency reported on the 12th. A seven page, 35 paragraph draft proposed by the United States in June was opposed by Chinese, Russian, British and French diplomats. Reuters said the Security Council will vote on the simplified version of the U.S. draft this week, but whether it can be passed is questionable. Iranian President Rohani warned on the 12th that any attempt to extend the arms embargo against Iran would violate the Iranian nuclear agreement. If the Council supports the new draft, its sponsors will face serious consequences. According to the Iran nuclear agreement, the arms embargo on Iran will expire in October this year, the Associated Press reported on the 12th. Some provisions in the draft proposed by the United States in June were opposed because they went beyond the scope of the arms embargo, including authorizing all UN member states to inspect goods entering or transiting from Iran at airports, customs and free trade zones, provided that Member States “have reasonable grounds to believe that the goods contain prohibited items”. Another clause condemns the attacks on Saudi Arabia in September 2019 and the attacks on Iraqi military bases and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in December 2019, claiming that Iran is responsible for this. The latest streamlined draft submitted by the United States has only four paragraphs. Qatar al Jazeera television said on the 13th that Kraft said that the new draft “takes into account the views of the Security Council and does what we all know should be done – to expand the arms embargo and prevent Iran from trading conventional weapons freely. As the world’s number one supporter, Iran should not be given the means to do more harm, which is common sense. ” “If the arms embargo is not extended, it will be a mockery of the sacred responsibility on which the United Nations was founded,” she said Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, rawanxi, replied on twitter on the 12th that “the United States was forced to withdraw from its draft resolution Another version is proposed. The two drafts are similar in nature and objectives, and I believe the Security Council will reject it again. ” Al Jazeera television said that the US draft would require at least nine votes to be passed, and none of the five permanent members of the Security Council could use the veto power, but Russia and China have made it clear that they will use the veto power against the draft. Last month, Russian Foreign Minister and Chinese foreign minister sent letters to U.N. Secretary General Guterres and the Security Council, respectively, criticizing the US attempt to extend the arms embargo on Iraq indefinitely. They said they would vote no if any such resolution received nine votes and more from the 15 members of the Security Council. < p > < p > earlier, Britain, France and Germany tried unsuccessfully to reach a settlement with Russia and China on the United States’ proposal to extend the arms embargo on Iran. Reuters quoted a Chinese U.N. diplomat as saying there was no reason to agree with the U.S. proposal because there was no legal basis for extending the arms embargo on Iran and would undermine efforts to maintain the Iran nuclear agreement. Russian satellite news agency quoted Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov as saying on the 13th that there is no objective reason for the US side to raise the issue of arms embargo against Iran. He said that the “licensing process” for supplying military technology and equipment to Iran is temporary and is intended to start the Iran nuclear agreement, which is no longer of practical significance. Continued restrictions on arms supply to Iran beyond October 18, 2020 “have never been planned and there is no legal or other reason to modify this understanding.” According to the Washington Post, Iran may try to buy Russian Su-30 fighters, jacques-130 trainers and T-90 tanks if the arms embargo is lifted, according to the Washington Post. U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said that if their resolution is rejected, the United States will invoke the “immediate recovery” mechanism in the Iran nuclear agreement to resume all UN sanctions against Iran. Russian satellite news agency quoted Russian Orientalist pankratenko’s analysis on the 12th that expanding the arms embargo against Iraq is now a major task of the entire anti Iran front, which extends from the United States to the Persian Gulf and then to Israel. In order to achieve this goal, the United States does its best to lobby other countries. The UN Security Council will also launch a fierce contest for this. Some analysts believe that the United States has begun to consider how to bypass the Security Council to impose sanctions on Iran because the bill proposed by the United States will eventually be rejected by China and Russia. As a result, the United States has no choice but to impose unilateral sanctions. In the future, no matter what the outcome of the bill proposed by the United States, the United States will not allow any weapons to be delivered to Iran. The confrontation between the US and Russia on the Iranian nuclear issue will enter a new stage. Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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