U.S. Open lets players sign a new crown: at their own risk, never sue the American Tennis Association

novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic swept the globe. Although the Organizing Committee of the US Open tennis announced that the competition will start on August 31st, the bonus will shrink, including the absence of many master players including Federer and Nadal, plus the opening of the open space. This is not over, the U.S. Open is actually ready to start signing the “life and death certificate”! Players participating in the U.S. open this year have to sign an exemption document to qualify for the U.S. Open, according to the well-known tennis media website ubitennis. In other words, if a player is infected with the new coronavirus due to himself or contact with others during the U.S. Open, all losses and risks shall be borne by the player himself, which has nothing to do with the organizer.

novel coronavirus pneumonia has a major impact on tennis events. Wimbledon Championships are cancelled. WTA finals are not scheduled for schedule. The French Open is postponed. Only the US Open is expected to start in August 31st. However, the U.S. Open has also adjusted the competition, canceling the qualification of mixed doubles and singles events, and the men’s and women’s doubles will be reduced from 64 pairs to 32 pairs. According to figures released by the U.S. Open, this year’s men’s singles champion and women’s singles champion will receive $3 million in prize money respectively, which is $850000 less than last year, a decrease of about 22%. In terms of singles events, in addition to the first round bonus increased compared with last year, the second round and the third round bonus were flat, and then from the fourth round to the champion’s bonus decreased. There has also been a big drop in doubles bonuses. Various factors have led to the withdrawal of many good tennis players, including defending champion Nadal, Swiss King Federer, world No.1 Bati, Chinese player Wang Qiang and Russian player Pavlyuchenkova. However, the U.S. Open organizers are still worried about the outbreak of the epidemic, even though it has been confirmed that there is an open game and many of the top players have withdrawn from the competition. And the strategy they came up with was to sign the “life and death certificate”. In the impression of Chinese fans, this will only appear in the martial arts arena, which is likely to appear in the tennis court. < / P > < p > according to the well-known tennis media website ubitnis, a two page document was exposed on social media, and doubles player Wesley kukhov also posted it on personal social media. The agreement documents show that players must agree to take full responsibility for the risks that may arise from a pandemic, and that if anything happens, they cannot be prosecuted, even if they die. In addition, even if there is official evidence of error, the player is fully responsible for the result. “I voluntarily bear any risk of loss, or personal injury, including serious illness, injury or death, whether caused by carelessness or not, and promise not to sue the American tennis association, ATP, WTA, Cincinnati open, etc., whether caused by carelessness or not.” There is also a clause in the document, “this is a waiver, and I will agree that it is always valid.” In addition, the document also requires that the person signing the contract “give up forever” and that if there is a death, the player’s family may not sue. It has to be noted that the document also stipulates that players are prohibited from taking collective action and that any action must be carried out separately. “By signing this waiver, I have renounced any right to class action or collective claim.” At present, the U.S. Open has not made an official response to this, but it can be imagined that if the news is true, it will cause a great disturbance, and more athletes will withdraw from the US Open in the future. So the question comes, will you watch the US Open without stars? India’s Ministry of health has announced that the number of new cases has exceeded 2 million

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