U.S. lifts global travel warning

The U.S. State Department on June 6 revoked the warning that “U.S. citizens should avoid all international travel” and concluded that it is no longer necessary to maintain the undifferentiated overseas travel warning. On March 19, the U.S. State Department raised the travel proposal to the highest warning level of 4, calling on U.S. citizens not to travel abroad to avoid the risk of the new epidemic. “In view of the improved health and safety situation in some countries and the possible deterioration in others, the State Department has recalled travel recommendations to the previous country specific level,” the latest statement said According to the foreign ministry, it will make travel recommendations to U.S. citizens based on the specific situation of each country’s epidemic situation, but it continues to “advise American citizens to be cautious when traveling abroad” because the development of the epidemic is unpredictable. The Associated Press reported that the epidemic situation in China has not been controlled in the United States and many countries still maintain entry restrictions on American tourists. The European Union has banned American tourists from entering the country; the United Kingdom has imposed a 14 day quarantine on American visitors; and the “non essential travel” restrictions between the United States and its two neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico, will last at least until the end of August. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States also revised its overseas travel guidelines earlier on June 6 to list about 20 overseas destinations as risk-free or low-risk areas, but retained the advice on “avoiding unnecessary travel” for more than 200 overseas destinations. The CDC said travel recommendations will be revised based on the spread of the virus in different regions and the response of public health and medical systems to new cases. According to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University on June 6, there are more than 19 million confirmed cases of the new crown in the world, while the total number of confirmed cases in the United States is more than 4.8 million, and the number of deaths is about 160000. < p > < p > a widely cited model prediction study by the University of Washington in the United States shows that by December 1, the number of new crown deaths in the United States may be close to 300000. < / P > < p > the global aviation industry has suffered heavy losses due to the spread of the epidemic. The International Air Transport Association predicted last week that global air travel is not expected to recover until 2024. [Xinhua News Agency micro special draft] < A= target=_ blank>Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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