Turkish President: will not hesitate to respond to any harassment of the Turkish exploration vessel

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on August 15 local time that the Turkish seismic exploration ship oruchi Reyes will continue to carry out exploration work in the eastern Mediterranean until the end of August 23. Turkey will not hesitate to fight back if the ship encounters any disturbance in the course of exploration. Just the day before, on August 14 local time, Turkish defense minister akar made a similar statement and stressed that Turkey is determined to have the ability to protect its rights and interests in the relevant sea areas. On August 10, local time, after the signing of the maritime boundary agreement between Greece and Egypt, Turkey resumed its exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean region and sent frigates to escort them. This led to confrontation between Greek warships. The Greek military said that it was on high alert and kept a close watch on the movements of Turkish exploration ships. Earlier, Greek media had reported that the two countries had clashed in the relevant waters, but Turkish and Greek officials have not confirmed. On the 13th of local time, France and Greece conducted joint military exercises in the South China Sea to the island of Crete, resulting in continued tension in the eastern Mediterranean. In recent years, abundant natural gas resources have been found in many areas of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. However, coastal countries such as Greece and Turkey have always had differences on the scope of their territorial waters and exclusive maritime economic zones. As a result, disputes over oil and gas exploitation continue. Since Turkey announced its exploration activities in the relevant areas of the Mediterranean Sea, tensions between the two countries have intensified. Privacy Policy

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