Turkey’s foreign ministry: Turkey’s responsibility does not lie with Turkey

On August 10 local time, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman akzoi issued a statement, telling the Greek foreign ministry that Turkey had suspended “oluqi” before· The “Reyes” was originally scheduled to conduct exploration activities in the relevant waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea from July 21 to August 2 in order to release goodwill for the dialogue between Turkey and Greece, but this attitude of Turkey has not been rewarded. On August 6, local time, Greece and Egypt signed an agreement on the maritime boundary between the two countries in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in Cairo. The maritime exclusive economic zone stipulated in the agreement is located on the continental shelf of Turkey, which also violates Libya’s maritime rights and interests. Under such circumstances, Turkey has restarted its previous exploration program. Aksoi stressed that it was not Turkey that led to the escalation of tensions in the Mediterranean region, but Greece itself. Turkey’s military presence in the region is not designed to increase tensions, but only to exercise its legitimate right to self-defence when necessary. On August 10, local time, the Turkish research ship “oroqi Reyes” resumed its seismic exploration activities in the relevant waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Greek foreign ministry said that Turkey’s move had led to a “new serious escalation” of the situation. < / P > < p > Turkey and Greece have been at odds on various issues, including maritime boundaries, for decades. Earlier, tensions between the two countries escalated after Turkey announced that it would send exploration ships to the disputed waters. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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