Trump’s all-round dismantling from online to offline

[Global Times comprehensive report] since the National Congress of the United States officially began on the 17th, the party’s leaders will give speeches one after another at this four-day meeting to boost president candidate Biden. However, U.S. President trump has to compete with his opponents at this critical time.

, according to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the whole generation will be held online, according to The Associated Press. The conference consists of a series of online videos that are broadcast for two hours each night until Biden accepts the presidential nomination in his hometown of Delaware on the 20th. In order to give Biden endorsement, former first lady Michelle Obama will lead the battle on the 17th. According to the US daily Capitol 15, Michelle is expected to severely criticize trump and urge people to go out of their homes to vote. However, trump obviously won’t watch Biden sing without breaking the stage. According to the New York Times on the 15th, Trump’s campaign will launch a four-day online advertising campaign from the 18th, the second day of the National Congress. They bought 96 hours of banner video ads on Uber’s home page and “non cancellable” ads on streaming platforms like Hulu. In addition, Trump’s campaign ads will appear on the home pages of news media websites such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and Fox News. According to the New York Times, the cost of the online advertising campaign is seven figures, or more than $10 million. < / P > < p > in addition to online, trump will also go offline to Biden’s birthplace, Pennsylvania. According to a number of trump campaign officials, the president will stage in Scranton, Pennsylvania on the 20th, the day Biden accepted the nomination, criticizing the former vice president as a loser and destroying the country if he is elected, according to several trump campaign officials. According to CNN 15 daily, Trump’s speech is scheduled to be delivered at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, hours before Biden’s speech on accepting the nomination. In response, Biden team spokesman Bates said in a statement that Trump’s move is only a “small episode” and “this is a sad attempt to divert attention from the fact that Trump’s presidency only represents crisis, lies and division. This is the opposite of what the people of Pennsylvania aspire to, and what Biden and Harris represent. “. According to political news network, this is Trump’s typical distraction strategy: never let your opponent get all the attention. In addition, in order to counter the National Congress, trump also arranged to hold three rallying activities in Minnesota and other swing states from the 17th. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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