Trump just lost a bird case

According to the official data of the United States, the “migratory bird agreement act” passed by the U.S. Congress in 1918 prohibits the killing, hunting, trading and transportation of protected migratory birds without permission from the fish and wildlife administration of the U.S. and China. < / P > < p > however, in 2017, the then new trump administration “reinterpreted” the bill, saying that it only prohibited intentional killing and hunting, but not intentional acts. < / P > < p > according to the Washington Post, this is a back door for oil companies that can kill migratory birds because of oil spills or tar pools that are not covered, and for farmers and property developers who cut down rare migratory bird nests for land development. Because according to the trump administration’s reinterpretation of the bill, as long as they argue that they did not intend to hurt these migratory birds, but accidentally injured and killed them, they would no longer be responsible. However, on Tuesday, a federal judge in a New York District Court ruled that the “reinterpretation” of the trump administration was illegal. The judge, named caponi, pointed out that the text of the U.S. migratory bird agreement act does not contain anything that can be interpreted as “no responsibility for unintentional harm to birds.”. In addition, kaploni, who was nominated by former US President Barack Obama as judge of the Southern District of New York in 2012, also criticized the trump administration’s practice by quoting the content of the novel “kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee in the 1960s: “killing a Mockingbird is not only a crime, but also a crime.”. It is worth noting that although Robin is also a kind of migratory bird, killing a Mockingbird tells not the story of migratory birds, but the racist persecution suffered by black people in the United States at that time. Therefore, in the novel, robins symbolize the innocent black people wronged and killed by white racists. Therefore, although this case is a bird lawsuit, and the Washington Post believes that this judgment will make many wildlife protection organizations and environmental protection organizations feel gratified, the American media have highlighted the case of the judge quoting “kill a Mockingbird” in the headlines. From this point of view, the judge’s judgment and media reports on this matter may be There is also a criticism of trump on the issue of American race. In Germany, 1147 new crown cases were added in a single day, breaking 1000 for the second consecutive day in three months

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