Trump announced to block wechat on September 15! Tencent shot trump, Tencent: you are too naive

In recent days, after tiktk was banned by the United States, trump has not stopped. And recently claimed that wechat will be completely blocked before September 15. However, there are essential differences between tiktok and wechat. Blocking tiktok is not technically difficult, because all hardware providing services can be forced to be banned in the United States. But it’s not that simple for wechat.

the existence of wechat is mainly applicable to short messages. As far as a single user is concerned, his information volume is very low compared with tiktok. So wechat is essentially more dependent on servers around the world. It doesn’t rely as heavily on local servers as tiktok does. Therefore, from this level, even if the United States forcibly shut down wechat servers in the United States. Wechat can also rely on servers throughout North America to keep the software running normally. The worst-case scenario is that you will receive messages a few milliseconds slower than usual. It doesn’t affect the user experience at all.

seeing this, some people may ask why India’s blocking of Chinese app has such a great impact? Because the Internet infrastructure of India is very perfect, and the Internet infrastructure of India’s neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh is very poor. As a result, there is no perfect network coverage in Southeast Asia. So, once India chooses to stop Chinese software services, it is really helpless.

can the United States use the precise blocking of IP addresses? Strictly speaking, there are probabilities, but very few. The main reason is that IP address is very tight now. Many communication operators are an IP, which has taken over a lot of users and many services are being carried out at the same time. If the United States makes this move to block wechat, it means that the network behavior of many people in the United States will be seriously affected. This may lead to large-scale protests, which are actually more harmful than beneficial. So it doesn’t work.

is there really a way to block wechat? yes! But it’s very cumbersome. The real effective technical solution is to build network wall. It’s like the wall between the United States and Mexico. It’s just built on the Internet. The reason why it is cumbersome is that the United States is the birthplace of the Internet, and the earliest use of the Internet actually started in American universities and scientific research institutions. If you want to build a network wall, you must block out thousands of colleges and research institutions in the United States. Then the network engineers in the United States carry out one-to-one network interface construction. If you encounter the opposition of universities and scientific research institutions, you can immediately declare the failure of network construction.

even all universities and research institutions in the United States agree. According to the American way of working and efficiency. It will take at least five years to build such a network wall. After the establishment, it still needs a lot of time to test and adjust before it can be put into use. This is a very costly behavior for the United States.

and, according to trump’s style, if this thing is as simple as drinking water, he will choose not to send twitter directly. And his announcement shows that he has no confidence to complete such a complicated and huge project. So on the whole, it’s bluffing. The future of wechat is still bright, so we need not worry too much. Constellation

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