Too long time for video format conversion? Commonly used fast video converter to send you

Dear friends, I am a video Number manager. With the rise of short video, our company has created a number of video numbers. Among them, I am responsible for the operation number of a film and television. I am mainly responsible for the transportation of interesting, classic and connotative video clips of various styles and themes on various video platforms. However, it is often necessary to carry out format conversion in order to play and use normally. In addition, the conversion speed is slow and the time is long, so the work efficiency will also be affected. What kind of conversion tool is faster?

Amway’s tool is a quick video converter, which is a more practical format converter. It supports audio and video format conversion, mobile phone device format conversion, and can also segment, merge and make GIF dynamic pictures. If the speed of the problem, according to personal testing, often a file only needs more than ten seconds to complete.

step 1: open the software, click the box in the initial interface to enter the main editing window to complete the file import. It supports the batch addition of multiple files.

step 2: after the file is imported successfully, directly select the format to be converted from the [Video] menu bar in the output format below. I generally select [MP4] and [same as the original file]. Other and [device] settings can also be customized. Finally, click convert all.

the above is how to use the utility tools I introduced to you. If you have other better methods for video format conversion, you are also welcome to share them in the comments area! 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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