Tokyo Olympic village to be delayed for two days to cut costs

According to Kyodo news agency, a number of relevant people disclosed on the 11th that the opening day of the athletes’ village in Qinghai, Central District, was postponed by two days compared with the original plan, so as to shorten the operation time. The opening day of the athletes’ village will be on July 15, next year, eight days before the opening. < / P > < p > the athletes’ village of the last Rio 2016 Olympic Games opened 12 days before the opening ceremony. The decision to postpone the opening of the Olympic Village in Tokyo was scheduled to open 10 days before the opening. The further shortening of the time is aimed at reducing the various funds needed for the operation of the Olympic village. With regard to the simple matters of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the large-scale ceremony scheduled to be held at Tokyo National Theater on the eve of the opening of the IOC conference has been cancelled. About 50 projects have been selected by the Olympic Organizing Committee and IOC to promote the adjustment of the plan, and various services such as transportation for Olympic related personnel have also become the target. The joint meeting between the Olympic Organizing Committee and the IOC Coordination Committee in late September plans to summarize specific measures. < p > < p > the Olympic Village in Tokyo is built on an artificial island about 2.5 km away from Ginza. There are 21 dormitory buildings with 14 to 18 floors. About 1.8 beds will be provided during the games. Renovation works will be carried out after the Olympic Games to become housing. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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