To buy a mobile phone, you must understand the difference between “optical zoom” and “digital zoom”, or you should be “trapped”

Nowadays, photographing has become the most important function on mobile phones, because we need to use the camera frequently in our life and work. The camera performance of mobile phones will completely affect our quality of life and work efficiency. Therefore, when we choose to start a new mobile phone, we will carefully check the important parameters of the mobile phone camera!

the camera parameters of mobile phones are relatively complex, which makes many small white people have no way to start when choosing mobile phones. If they don’t pay attention, they will be trapped! Because most of our partners only pay too much attention to the “pixels” of mobile phones and ignore other important parameters when choosing mobile phones! In particular, the “zoom multiple” of mobile phone is most easily confused!

because nowadays, many unscrupulous businessmen like to play word games. If they don’t pay attention to them, they will fall into the pit. Today, in an easy-to-understand way, we can talk about the difference between “optical zoom” and “digital zoom”.

optical zoom is a physical zoom. It is based on the principle of telescopes that we usually use. By stretching and scaling the lens in the lens, the zoom is completed. This zoom is the most original and effective way to zoom. It can almost restore the original scenery in the distance without any loss of quality. This technology is not complicated, but its demand for space is rigid, which is the main reason why the optical zoom of smart phones has not been much breakthrough.

in fact, digital zoom is what profiteers call “digital zoom”. Digital zoom, as the name implies, is built-in software of mobile phone, and is installed in CPU With the cooperation of Gup, the technology of zooming in photos directly has been playing a bad role in the era of functional machines. When the picture is magnified to a certain degree, it will appear some pixels similar to “mosaic”, which is too vague. There is no hard and fast requirement for its magnification. Engineers can set as many times as they want. 100 times, 1000 times is OK, but engineers won’t do it, because if the speed is too high, it’s meaningless!

so, when choosing smart phones, friends should not be confused by the high digital “digital” zoom. We should focus on the “optical zoom multiple”. At present, the rise of periscope camera, has been able to provide a very considerable optical zoom for mobile phones! Friends pay attention to these word games, not to believe in “selling mobile phones to make friends” lies!

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