Tiktok was forced to sell, is Zhang Yiming too soft?

The TikTok incident has reached a new stage. Trump requires TikTok to sell US companies a large sum of money to the US Treasury. The reason is wonderful. He helped to make the deal.

has one side of public opinion, and trump is the most shameless FA, without forcing a company to sell, and having to pay high commission in the middle. Insatiable criticism trump Zhang Yiming, a life and death struggle. Another is the criticism of public opinion that Zhang Yiming is weak and only lets Sichuan trump foot in. In some people’s opinion, it is more noble to encourage resistance and kill fish.

in yesterday’s letter, Zhang Yiming put forward the logic of seeking solutions in the following order: users, teams and companies. In the whole logic and the whole internal letter, we did not talk about our China label, but stressed the need to be a trustworthy global company.

in the detailed history of business, all outstanding companies put users or customers in the first place. Zhang Yiming’s logic puts users at the top of the list, and takes the unaffected user experience of tiktok as the pursuit goal. This is an excellent practice.

Zhang Yiming puts the team in the second place and takes the interests and development of the team as an important consideration. For Zhang Yiming, both Chinese and Americans in tiktok are team members with a high pattern.

with this logic, it is easier to understand Zhang Yiming’s “soft”: in order to ensure the user experience, even if the ownership of tiktok is given; in order to ensure the interests and development of the team, even if the ownership of tiktok is given.

therefore, the current communication with Microsoft is based on these two points. Other potential companies may also include alphabet and apple. These three companies have a good record in treating users and teams.

many people find it difficult to understand the above logic. They would think that the trump government was pressing China to suppress TikTok. China should stand up to the national honor. Zhang Yiming should start fighting against it instead of giving priority to the so-called users, teams and companies.

reasonable people should agree that the two are not in conflict. In a country, there are more enterprises that adhere to the logic of users, teams and companies, which is a good thing rather than a bad thing. A strong country needs a lot of strong enterprises to support; an open China needs many companies with international vision to interpret.

TikTok is fish, trump is the sword? The current situation is indeed the case. Zhang Yiming has few choices and can only fight for his rights and interests within the institutional framework of the United States. All previous US presidents also had a tyranny of overbearing, but at least they were respectable. When they met a totally ungrateful trump, many leaders of big powers shook their heads and could not ask Zhang Yiming too much in this regard. Even if the loss of tek888 doesn’t mean that the ownership of tok888 is lost. After this battle, Zhang Yiming and the byte jump in charge of him further leaped to a higher level in the pattern. In the face of such a great test, the rational response of byte skipping shows that it is already a first-class international company. There are good reasons to believe that byte skipping will continue to do well.

even if the US Treasury receives the so-called “trade commissions”, it does not mean trump wins. Trump and deliberately plan, whether or not trump can succeed in succession, but the United States has been accumulated before the German, is indeed trump to lose.

the tiktok incident does not mean that the internationalization of Chinese enterprises has entered a low tide. On the contrary, it indicates that a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs with a more international perspective, from copy to China to copy from China, are more worthy of expectation than the previous generation. Next, more Chinese companies will be on the international stage and become the leaders of the new globalization.

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