Tiktok seller shows V Buyer show, and sure enough, he won’t lose a treasure ha ha ha ha ha.

The rise of e-commerce has weakened the space distance of doing business. Many young people’s main consumption venues have turned to the Internet platform. However, mutual trust is a big problem when doing business on the Internet. Although there are 7 days no reason to return to protect, but often there will be a major difference between the seller show and the Buyer show. Tiktok, be startled at the V seller’s show in the jitter. Tiktok often sees the difference between the video and the object in the jitter.

1. You can never buy the seller’s. The quality of the peeled apple is not one or two points worse. The green one is the desired effect. I don’t know what kind of Apple sharpener you bought?

2. The seller basks out, the buyer basks out, the quality and the quantity have the big difference. Moreover, litchi preservation problem, is also a big problem, when buying to pay attention to ask clear situation.

4. I believe that many people have been cheated of this beef jerky in Inner Mongolia. It’s 99 yuan and 2 jin, which is fake. In shaking, you must tiktok, and never believe it. Because making up stories can only be done by a marketing team.

6. I didn’t notice that I almost sat on this chair just now. If I did, I would lose a lovely and weak little creature again. But looking down carefully, I didn’t expect it was a bird, and there was such a small bird! That’s a lot of knowledge. But don’t fall on the chair again

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