This kind of person, the development is good, is advantageous to the promotion official position rich Chinese zodiac

When you work in an institution, you can see when your fortune turns better and it is conducive to promotion. The years in the latter half of your life are suitable for your career development. If you can make a better career, there is not much room for development. Female, a dog. December 8, 1982, is midnight.

you’re a 37 year old girl with a female life of renxu, Renzi of Yuezhu, Yichou of rizhu and Bingzi of Shizhu. She’s 37 years old. She’s now in the Wushen Universiade. She’s born in ziyue. She’s born in niangan, Yuezhu and Shizhi. She’s in charge of Yimu’s strength. She likes gold and earth, and avoids water, wood and fire.

the eight characters are flourishing because of the help of the star printing, and the talent and temperament of the Japanese Lord. At the same time, they use the financial star and the official star as the God. The power of the financial star and the official star is relatively weak, but it can restrain the power of the sun master, and is conducive to seeking wealth and promotion. In the work, the public ability is strong, and he can do his own work well and get the appreciation and trust of the leaders The industry will rise to a very good level, and the fortune will increase with the promotion of the position. Sometimes, it will be beneficial for the authority to get the gray income.

at the same time, due to the powerful power of money control, there will be small people to borrow money from you, not to return or lure money and other loss of money and wealth events, blocking career development and money acquisition.

at the age of 31, he took the Wushen National Games. The officials and stars of Wushen financial star, a branch of heaven and earth branch, were in place to restrain the power of the Japanese leader and guide him to be promoted to a higher position together with India star. In this movement, he will be promoted and reused by leaders, promoted and raised, his working ability will be further developed, and his career will be further developed. Wages and bonuses will also increase slowly.

in 2019, in the year of Jihai, tiangan bingrenchong, Renshui, yimuke, Wuji, Tuqian, dizhi and Guanxing fight each other. It indicates that the work of the Japanese master is ordinary this year, and he will not be promoted to a higher position. He is under great psychological pressure. His income mainly depends on salary or bonus.

in 2020, in the year of gengzi, tiangan, yigenhe, bingrenchong, wutukenrenshui, dizhizi ChouHe, Shenxu assisted Jinli to give birth to children. Zishui Bureau continued to increase the power of Japanese masters, making the ability of Japanese masters play a general role, which is not conducive to promotion and wealth.

in 2021, in the year of xinchou, the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of xinchou are in place. The official stars of xinjinchou earth wealth star jointly conquer the power of Japanese Lord Yimu, and let the official star and financial star take care of the Japanese Lord and guide him to get rich and promoted. In this year, it is important to get leadership, and the chances of promotion are very high, and the income will also be icing on the cake.

in the year of Wushen in 2028, in 2029, in the year of gengxu in 2030, the Wushen of tiangan dizhi has already established its own land and gold, which has helped the power of financial stars and official stars, and directly eliminated the hostility of the Japanese Lord, leading the Japanese Lord to rise and become rich. In recent years, the enterprise has been relatively smooth, and can obtain official posts or assess professional titles. Money income will also increase or receive additional rewards and bonuses.

after the age of 51, they took part in the Bingwu movement. The heavenly stems of Yimu gave birth to bingbinghuo, which flushed the Renren River, the earthly branches closed in the afternoon, and the sons and sons were ugly together, which weakened the power of the Japanese Lord to seal the stars, which was not conducive to the development of the cause. The main work pressure is very big, will compete with the villain for power, the promotion is not easy, the Japanese leader should grasp the favorable year for promotion and the leader, continue to promote or assess the title. At the same time, they will retire home or leave their leadership positions.

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