This kind of man-made celestial body is hundreds of millions of kilometers in diameter, and the stars are surrounded by them. Only higher civilization can make them

Speaking of Dyson ball, maybe many friends don’t know what it is. They think it’s something like basketball, volleyball, fitness ball, but it’s not. It’s actually a huge building wrapped with stars.

the Dyson sphere can be a sphere, a ring-shaped belt, or a discontinuous giant stellar energy receiver. If it is a sphere or annular belt, its diameter should be at least 40 million kilometers. The size of the Dyson sphere varies with the stars of different masses. If we build a Dyson sphere in our solar system, then its diameter will be larger At least 300 million kilometers, because it needs to be on that scale even if it’s built in earth orbit. Think of a sphere or a ring with a diameter of hundreds of millions of kilometers. What a spectacular building it would be.

However, the Dyson sphere is only an imaginary building. It is a theory put forward by American physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960. It is an artificial celestial body used by advanced civilization to absorb the energy released by stars. Dyson believes that such a space structure is an inevitable choice for energy acquisition after the advanced stage of civilization, and he suggests that astronomers search for such artificial celestial structures in order to find advanced alien civilizations. Since then, astronomers have focused on finding such structures when looking for extraterrestrial planets.

when NASA analyzed the data collected by the Kepler space telescope in 2015, a star with a great change in brightness was found in the direction of the constellation Cygnus, named KIC At 8462852, it often suddenly darkens by about 20% and reaches a maximum of 22%. Moreover, it is not caused by the occultation of planets or by the activities of stars. Therefore, astronomers doubt whether there is a Dyson sphere around the star.

tabie is about 1480 light-years away from the earth. We can’t rule out that there are civilized planets around it. If the civilization there can build Dyson sphere, then the technological level of intelligent creatures there will be much higher than ours. According to the kardashhoff index, which is commonly used to judge the level of cosmic civilization, its civilization height has reached level II civilization or above, and we humans are like this Today’s science and technology level is less than the first level of civilization. At present, it is about 0.75 level.

if there is a higher level of cosmic civilization on Tabby, it may not have any impact on us in a short period of time, because even if it can reach the height of secondary civilization, it is not so easy to travel across the distance of 1480 light-years to the earth. Maybe they can discover the existence of our human beings, but we can’t understand it. They will regard us as friends Friend or enemy.

if they believe in the dark forest law of the universe as described in Liu Cixin’s science fiction works, it will be very dangerous for us. Their civilization is much more advanced than us. If we want to eliminate us, it will not be difficult. However, there is no alien interference in human development in the known history, so maybe they take a kind of unconnected and non participation to human beings As far as human development is concerned, win-win cooperation is far more beneficial than hostile struggle. Therefore, they may also regard us as friends and even help us in social and technological development. But in any case, if they are an advanced civilization that established dyshengqiu, the future of our civilization is also facing a kind of uncertainty.

However, the abnormal brightness change of tarby may not necessarily be caused by the Dyson sphere, but may also be a natural phenomenon, such as when a planet with a planetary ring passes through a star. In February, astronomers also found 80% of the luminosity change on another star, and it’s not clear whether it’s a Dyson sphere or a natural phenomenon. Further observations are needed to solve the mystery.

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