This car was successful. The Chinese car went to the U.S. market value exceeded 100 billion on that day, and its performance was comparable to that of BMW X5

Made in China has now begun to go global, whether it is hand-made crafts, or electronic mobile phones, or automobile manufacturing industry. Now another Chinese auto company has risen, and it has achieved great success with only one car, and there are countless fans. Chinese automobile has been officially listed on the Nasdaq stock market in the United States, with the stock code of “Li”. 95 million shares were issued for the first time at a price of 11.5 per share. The market value of that day reached 13.917 billion US dollars, which was more than 100 billion yuan. This record breaking 100 billion car company was listed on the stock exchange Li Xiang, the founder of

ideal car, was born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in 1981. He is a leader of post-80s entrepreneurs. As early as 1999, Li Xiang, who was only 18 years old, made 100000 yuan by setting up his personal website PCPOP; Li Xiang, who was less than 40 years old, had already established two listed companies. The first is auto home, the most visited automobile portal in the world. After the auto home was launched in 2013, Li Xiang, 33, was worth more than 1 billion yuan. The second was the ideal car, a domestic automobile brand that reached the level of 100 billion yuan as soon as possible. He could ring the bell twice before he was 40, which is very rare among young entrepreneurs, It can be said that Li Xiang succeeded again.

during the IPO of ideal automobile, it won the favor of many capitals, and obtained a total of US $380 million of cornerstone investment. The cornerstone investors are: meituan review, meituan founder Wang Xing, Kevin sunny, byte beat. The specific investment amount is: meituan review investment of 300 million US dollars, meituan founder Mr. Wang Xing Investment of 30 million dollars, Kevin sunny investment of 20 million dollars, byte jump investment of 30 million dollars. It is worth noticing that during the period from the establishment to the listing of ideal automobile, meituan review and Wang Xing, founder of meituan, invested as much as 1.13 billion US dollars in the ideal car, which can be said to be supporting the ideal car. On the premise of not relying on the government, ideal automobile still has the largest cash flow among 42 domestic all new car enterprises, with an operating cash flow of 451.7 million, which makes ideal automobile the first new car manufacturing enterprise to realize self blood production, and can continue to make efforts in the future L4 automatic driving and the development of the next generation products.

the first product of ideal car, ideal one, is a large intelligent electric SUV with 6 seats / 7 seats, equipped with advanced extended range electric technology and intelligent technology, with a price of only 328000, and its performance is comparable to that of BMW X5 with 700000 class. By the end of June 2020, the ideal one has delivered 10473 users, which is the fastest company to deliver 10000 vehicles among the domestic and foreign new vehicle manufacturing forces. It is also the sales champion of new energy luxury large SUV segment market from January to June 2020, surpassing Lexus Rx 450h, Tesla Model x, Weilai es8 and other competitive products.

the ideal one is a success if it can be put on the market. Its product strength is really commendable. The first is that in terms of pricing, the ideal one is priced at 328000 yuan, and two kinds of seats are available. In this 300000 class user base, the Haohua and intelligent ideal one is more worthy of selection than Audi q5l and BMW X3 due to its precise market positioning. The second is the industry’s first extended range electric technology. The three energy modes, electric drive, will not affect the vehicle’s dynamic performance, whether on the plateau or climbing steep slopes. Due to the design of oil and electricity, the excellent NVH and fuel consumption are better than Audi Q7 of the same level. In addition, the addition of double sound insulation glass makes the ideal one as quiet as a library in the busy street.

the ideal one has also become the first new energy vehicle for ideal owners to go off-road in Sichuan and Tibet for the most times. This is due to the innovative design concept of extended range. The short-distance electric power is available, and the long-distance fuel engine can be used to charge the motor. The maximum endurance of the ideal one is more than 800 km. The innovative extended range of the ideal one will not be affected by cold weather for long-distance, but will not be affected by cold weather Cheng, this is an advantage Tesla does not have. At the same time, it is also due to the design concept of increasing the program, so that the ideal one can break 100% in 6.5 seconds, while the 700000 BMW X5 needs 6.9 seconds to break 100%. In addition, the ideal one can meet the national six emission standards, at the same time, it can also enjoy the new energy subsidies, and can get the green card. It is one of the luxury cars favored by the successful people in the first and second tier cities.

the third product advantage of ideal one is the world’s strongest intelligent cabin. In terms of configuration, ideal one is equipped with 10 airbags, tire pressure monitoring, front and rear radars, induction wiper, adaptive cruise, keyless entry / start, lane departure warning, nappa leather seat heating and other practical functions. At the same time, ideal one is also equipped with ACC full speed range adaptive cruise, LCA parallel line assist, AEB automatic brake assist, FCW forward collision warning, LKA lane keeping assistance and other safety systems. The standard L2 level automatic driving function of the whole series is comparable to Tesla in use experience. The industry’s first four screen linkage, which supports the whole vehicle voice interaction function, is more scientific and practical than Audi Q7 of the same level.

the fourth product advantage of ideal one is that its space performance is far better than that of luxury SUVs at the same price. The ideal one wheelbase is 4930x2004x1776x2975mm, which is far better than the ride experience brought by Mercedes Benz GLC: 4764x1898x1642x2973mm. In addition, ideal one also provides six exterior paint colors + 20 inch luxury two-color wheel hub, 20 inch sports black wheel hub and sports gray wheel hub, which can better meet some consumers’ demands for younger cars, and further enhance the competitiveness of ideal one.

we can see that the ideal one has the best price advantage and the most abundant configuration advantages compared with Audi Q7 of the same level; compared with the joint venture medium-sized SUV Benz GLC with similar price, the ideal one has the largest space advantage and the best driving and handling quality. In general, this luxury SUV ideal one, which is specially made for Chinese people, has a quality price ratio that is superior to value for money. Therefore, the ideal one can be praised by Chinese people as soon as it goes on the market, which is also due to its strength. Moreover, ideal automobile also has efficient enterprise operation and healthy financial status, so it has become the domestic automobile brand with the fastest reaching 100 billion level. More information about new cars at home and abroad will be reported at the car news home.

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