These two blood types of women, the first baby try not to miscarry, because it is really important to you

As early as 2016, the second child has been released. Experts have made predictions that China’s population growth rate will reach a new height, and it may not be long before the population will reach 1.5 billion.

just from the birth rate data in recent years, it is obvious that experts have been beaten in the face. The number of newborns in China is decreasing year by year, and the fertility enthusiasm of young people is decreasing. The number of one-child birth in 2019 is even lower than that of two children.

in fact, the main reason is that the pressure of pension, housing, employment and other aspects makes the burden on young people constantly increase. Therefore, they naturally have a mentality of resistance in giving birth to a baby. These people think that after the birth of a child, the expenditure will be greater and the quality of life of the whole family will be reduced.

despite the continuous improvement of medical technology and the painless level of abortion, it can still cause great harm to the body. Especially those with special blood types, we should pay more attention to avoid miscarriage easily.

Xiao Ya and her husband are fellow countrymen. They go to the city to fight together. Because their long-term rental life makes them feel insecure, they decide to mortgage and buy a house.

after borrowing more than 200000 yuan from relatives and friends, they collected the down payment. Most of the monthly wages were paid back, and they still needed to take care of the elderly. They were forced to become “moonlight clan”.

although they have been married for five or six years, they have no plans to have children. They only consider having a child in 2019 at the strong request of both parents. After pregnancy, the family was very happy. Xiao Ya felt that she was weak. She immediately asked for sick leave. After going to the hospital for examination, she found fetal hemolysis, which required special attention.

Xiao Ya had no choice but to resign and recuperate. After the birth of the child, the examination found that the newborn had anemia and hemolytic jaundice, and needed to be hospitalized for observation and treatment. After the doctor inquired, Xiao Ya was blood type O. she had a abortion experience before, which made her child have so many symptoms.

so, blood type has a certain impact on the fetus: for women with these two blood types, the first baby should try not to miscarry, because it is really important to you.

although the placenta can isolate blood of different blood types, there is still a certain amount of blood flowing through the mother to the fetus. If the pregnant mother’s blood has antibodies to other blood, it will increase the risk of fetal hemolysis.

this blood is very rare and it is difficult to find a matching blood type. Two Rh negative blood couples, their children have a certain probability of carrying positive blood antibodies. If it is the first child, the amount of antibody is not too much, the impact on the health of the baby is very small, more than two children are different.

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