There are three wrong ideas about children’s growth height. One should grasp three golden periods and four elements

Children grow tall is always the favorite topic of Baoma people in the community. Today, we are talking about this topic again. There are three basic views.

viewpoint 1: the parents are high, and the children will be high in the future. Most parents think that “how tall we are, how tall our children are”, and heredity is the only factor determining growth and development;

in view of point 2 and point 3, “23, change one by one” is mainly because the previous material living conditions are not very good, which can easily lead to malnutrition and then delay It is slow growing and low in height. Later, with the improvement of living conditions and the improvement of children’s nutritional conditions, most children’s height will increase when the skeletal line is not completely closed. This statement of “23, running one by one” naturally continues. And scientific research shows that the fracture of normal people will be basically closed around 15 years old, and the epiphysis is closed, and the height can not be increased. Therefore, we can no longer blindly expect the child to grow late, or expect the child to “jump twenty-three”, the growth and development of the child and the fracture line “grab” height, can not wait.

the first stage: 0-7 years old is a more active period for children, and bone development is the fastest. Among them, the rapid growth period is below 3 years old, and the period from birth to 3 years old is the rapid growth period of children. The growth rate is the fastest in the first year after birth, which can increase by 25 cm, and the growth rate in the second year is 10 cm.

the second stage: from the age of 7 to the beginning of puberty (girls are about 10 years old, boys are about 12 years old), with an annual growth of 5-7 cm. The effect of height increase on final height was 30%.

the third stage: the effect of height increase of 12-18 years old on height decreases to 20%. During the whole adolescence, the height of girls can be increased by 20-25 cm, and that of boys can be increased by 28-35 cm.

after the age of 18, studies have found that at this stage, many children have cartilage that has not really healed, and they still have the potential to grow 2-3 cm a year. If there is sufficient calcium supplement, children’s growth potential can still be tapped out.

1. Mental health: parents should provide a good living environment and a harmonious and happy family life atmosphere. It can bring good emotional experience and healthy appetite to children, and then promote the healthy operation of all parts of the body, and help children to secrete more growth hormone. If in this period, the child pressure, negative emotions will increase, if the child’s bad mood is not released, will affect the child’s endocrine regulation. In order to promote the growth of children, keeping children happy and mental health is the primary factor that parents must consider.

2. Relevant surveys show that: 82.1% of children prefer one kind of food; 62.8% of children prefer 1-2 food; 19.2% of children prefer more than three kinds of food. Only 17.9% of the children did not have picky eating and partial eating. Picky eating and partial eating is a bad eating habit, which is related to the time when children add supplementary food, and it is related to the loss of parents’ care, allowing children to be greedy and picky. The most important thing for a child is to eat a balanced diet and a balanced diet. For example, the laver egg cake that children must eat when they grow tall, supplement zinc, calcium and iodine, which is the home cooked dish of Baoma in the community.

3. To ensure night sleep, sleep is an indispensable “nutrient” to make the human body grow tall. Studies have shown that under normal conditions, growth hormone is secreted in a pulse mode. Generally, there will be a pulse every 3-4 hours, about 6-8 pulses throughout the day. The secretion of growth hormone at night is 2-3 times more than that during the day. The secretion of growth hormone in one hour after deep sleep is more than half of the total amount of a day. Generally, after 9:00 p.m., the secretion of growth hormone gradually increases, and continues until about 12:00 p.m., which is the peak period of growth hormone secretion in the day. At this time, the secretion of growth hormone is exuberant and lasts for a long time, which is conducive to growth and height. Therefore, develop children’s regular living habits, ensure adequate sleep, can be tall.

4. Cultivate children’s regular exercise habits, which can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, ensure adequate nutrition of skeletal muscle and brain cells, and promote bone thickening, bone density thickening, and strengthening the ability of compression and fracture resistance. Promote the secretion of growth hormone, so that bone, muscle, brain development better. More than 5 times a week, at least 30 minutes each time, longitudinal exercise, endurance exercise.

the main factor of a person’s height is heredity, and the other 30% – 40% of acquired factors can be controlled. If the intervention starts from birth and increases by 3-5cm, 5cm-10cm and more than 10cm on the basis of genetic height, parents only need to avoid wrong ideas, pay attention to the feeding mode, ensure the nutrition supply for growth and development, and grasp the golden period of children’s growth, then their children’s height potential can be brought into full play.

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