There are daughters in the family. If you want to make your children better, you must cultivate these four habits, and the self-test is effective

But how is this rich raise in the end? There are many parents who just give their children more love, spoil them, spoil them like a little princess. In fact, it is not right. On the contrary, it will only

whether there are boys or girls in the family, parents should choose a good way to cultivate their children. Families with daughters should pay more attention to these methods !

we all know that self-confidence is the first element of our success. From the perspective of evolution, males are naturally confident, because only when they are more confident will they attract females, reproduce and offspring. However, for girls, this kind of self-confidence is not so strong, so we parents should cultivate their self-confidence for our daughters.

first of all, we should let our children find their own advantages and disadvantages, and treat them correctly and understand them. Only in this way can children have a better understanding of themselves. Then, parents can work with their children to find out how to overcome their children’s shortcomings and how to strengthen their children’s advantages. Only when the children are better will they gradually build up their self-confidence 。

there is also a point that parents must avoid, because we always compare other children’s children with their own children, which will only make the children less confident and make them feel inferior. If this happens, we can try to encourage the child, to comfort her, so that after the mother’s care, the child will be confident.

a child starts his language with “please”, “thank you”, “hello”… These little polite words. If, in the ordinary life, parents can speak to their children in a civilized and gentle way, plus they can read more disciple rules, poems and extra-curricular books, then the child’s will be a good and polite baby.

in today’s society, communication is becoming more and more common, and the importance of relationship is about to surpass ability. Therefore, cultivating children’s social foundation from childhood can help children to have less difficulty in communication.

sharing is the lubricant for interpersonal communication. Children who love sharing are always more likely to make good friends. This is especially true for children. If others give them small favors, they will think that he is a good person, so their relationship with him will be better.

However, I once saw in front of my friends that, in order to save face, they robbed their own children’s sugar and gave them to other children’s children. The children cried loudly, but the mother did not give comfort, and they and other children’s parents accused their children of being too young and unreasonable. This is the wrong behavior. Parents must pay attention to it. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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