The United States completely grounded private charter flights to Cuba trump to please voters?

The U.S. government announced on the 13th that it would suspend all private charter flights to Cuba in order to further tighten the source of income of the Cuban government and “punish” its support for the Venezuelan government. Analysts say that since Donald Trump took office in the United States, sanctions against Cuba have been increased continuously, which has re strained the relations between the United States and Cuba, which began to normalize during Barack Obama’s term of office. However, the actual impact of this latest measure is limited, and it may only be trump’s introduction to please the voters. The US side takes this opportunity to upgrade its travel sanctions against Cuba. In October last year, the U.S. government announced a ban on private charter flights from the United States to Cuba except for the route to Havana, the capital of Cuba. In May this year, it imposed an annual ceiling of 3600 charter flights to Havana. According to Agence France Presse, in the past, many celebrities and high-end business people living in Miami, Florida, in the south of the United States, like to fly over the Gulf to Havana by private charter flights. U.S. Secretary of state Mike pompeio announced the new sanctions on the 13th, accusing the Cuban government of “violating human rights” and “intervening” in Venezuela’s political situation and supporting the Venezuelan government led by President Nicolas Maduro. The United States has been imposing sanctions and trying to draw other countries together to isolate Maduro government and support the opposition of Venezuela. According to pompeio, the suspension of private charter flights is aimed at “blocking the source of economic income of the Cuban regime and curbing its ability to commit violations.”. “The current government will continue to crack down on and cut off the revenue from flights, hotel accommodation and other travel related industries,” he added < / P > < p > according to pompeio, the latest ban is exempt from special objects, including authorized government charter flights and private charter flights for emergency medical and rescue purposes, “as well as other trips that we believe are in the interests of the United States.”. In 1959, Cuba won the revolution. The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961 and imposed a series of economic, trade and financial sanctions on Cuba the following year. During Obama’s term of office, the US government resumed diplomatic relations with Cuba, which has been hostile for half a century in December 2014; on August 31, 2016, the first commercial flight between the United States and Cuba in more than 50 years took off from Florida. < / P > < p > so far, the trump administration has not banned regular commercial flights to Cuba. However, due to the new outbreak, there are no regular flights between the United States and Cuba at present. As the November presidential election approaches, trump lags behind his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, in a number of opinion polls, and the election situation in Florida is also tense. Trump urgently needs to please a large number of Cuban immigrants. This group is generally conservative and hostile to the Cuban government. Cuba’s foreign ministry official in charge of relations with the United States, Carlos decosio, said the new U.S. measures had “little practical impact” on Cuba, AFP reported. The president of the U.S. – Cuba trade and Economic Commission, John cavalridge, also said that after the Obama administration resumed commercial flights with the United States and Cuba, private charter flights to Cuba have declined, so the actual impact of the new measures is limited, only the travel of celebrities and executives in Miami to Cuba is affected. Recently, the United States has been increasing sanctions against Cuba. In June, the US State Department added seven Cuban enterprises and hotels to the list of sanctions entities, including fensimex financial company, which handles most of the overseas remittance from Cuba; and in July, it announced sanctions against haven Bank Limited, which is based in the United Kingdom. India’s Ministry of health has announced that the number of new cases has exceeded 2 million

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