The U.S. has another number one in the world! The temperature reached 120 degrees

For the United States, I believe many people will not feel strange, the United States is a world power, has a relatively unique geographical environment advantages. However, recently, the United States has fallen into a rather embarrassing situation, that is, the extremely hot < / P > < p > as many people know, the United States adopts the British system of measurement, that is, the length, temperature, weighing, etc. of the British standard, and the United States uses Fahrenheit to calculate the temperature. And recently, the U.S. data has reached the first in the world! Terrible heat wave coming, the highest temperature reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit! It’s equivalent to 49 degrees Celsius. At present, in some arid western desert areas of the United States, the temperature has reached the peak value of 120 degrees, and it is expected to break the temperature record since human records. Many people don’t know what the concept of 49 ℃ high temperature is. Even in Guangdong Province, where the annual “midsummer” is, more than 30 ℃ is also a high temperature weather. < / P > < p > now the local tourism department of the United States has warned tourists who want to go to the west, as well as residents in the west, to evacuate orderly from these areas and leave for safer and cooler places to prevent large-scale heatstroke. Some extreme areas in the west, even reaching the absolute high temperature of 57 degrees, are already difficult for human survival. What’s more shocking is that some Americans have tested the temperature of the closed compartment in the local compartment. After measurement, the maximum temperature in the compartment in summer can reach 185 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 85 degrees Fahrenheit! It’s in the temperature range that can burn people. This year, there have been 21 unfortunate incidents in the United States caused by children trapped in the car. Every year, the average number of accidents in the United States is as high as 38 because of parents’ carelessness in leaving children in the car. I hope parents in China can also take a warning and take good care of children in hot weather, and don’t leave children in cars! What do you think of the temperature in the United States? Do you think there’s any summer resort? Please leave your comments in the comments section. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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