The president of Belarus claimed: someone deliberately infected me with the new coronavirus

Overseas network, August 7, “today’s Russia” 6 news, Belarus president Lukashenko recently told Ukrainian reporters that some people deliberately infected themselves with the new coronavirus. Lukashenko had previously said he was infected with the new coronavirus, but did not show any symptoms.

it is reported that Lukashenko continued to work after his diagnosis and recently received an exclusive interview with Dimitri Gordon, a well-known Ukrainian journalist. In a 2.5-hour interview, Lukashenko said: “we tend to say that someone has implanted the new coronavirus into me. I’m investigating when this could happen. ”

Lukashenko also revealed that after his diagnosis of infection, Lukashenko did not pay attention to the doctor’s request for treatment, but continued to work according to his own schedule. But he also said that with the help of doctors, he recovered in only “four days”.

previously, Lukashenko had told the media that he was infected with the new coronavirus, but did not show any symptoms, and has now fully recovered. He claimed that he was “busy” fighting the virus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was criticized by Lukashenka in April this year. Vodka and sauna can treat new crown pneumonia.

Russian media said that Belarus will hold the sixth presidential election on August 9, and Lukashenko, now 66, is trying to win the sixth presidential re-election. On the eve of the general election, the dissatisfaction of Belarus and China continued to rise, and the biggest protest in 10 years broke out. Lukashenko is facing an unprecedented political test in this election.

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