The pregnant mother is greedy for eating fried chicken and is scolded by her mother-in-law after she is discovered. She should really “quit” these behaviors during pregnancy

People will experience a lot of things in their life, and everyone will do some specific things at a certain age. It is very common for girls to get married and have children. For women, it is a very important thing in life. During pregnancy, women should be very cautious, whether it is diet or life needs more normal and regular.

old people often say that women should not eat indiscriminately during pregnancy, otherwise it will affect the baby. However, some young people feel that as long as they eat and do as usual, there will be no problems. They feel that as long as they have a baby, then the child can be born smoothly.

but in real life, it is often against imagination that some women with children may inadvertently hurt their children in their belly. And these bad examples are also conducive to alert pregnant women, so that they must pay attention to their own behavior during pregnancy, strive to be a qualified mother to be, and do not let the baby in the belly be hurt.

during pregnancy, mothers to be should give up some bad habits and junk food. Because these bad behaviors and junk food will cause irreparable harm not only to ourselves, but also to the children in their stomachs.

Lulu is a girl with a lot of personality. Before she got married, she liked all kinds of extreme sports and ate fried food very much. Within two months of marriage, she became pregnant with a child. After her pregnancy, her mother-in-law told her that she could no longer do extreme sports or eat some nutritious food because these behaviors were not conducive to the children in her stomach.

once, her mother-in-law found out that she was eating spicy fried chicken. Her mother-in-law scolded her. Lulu felt aggrieved, so she complained to her husband. She thought it was nothing. On one night, her husband secretly brought a takeout. After that day, when Lulu was greedy, her husband would bring her some takeout, and even stayed up late to play games without telling her mother-in-law.

in the morning after the night, Lulu’s stomach suddenly felt very painful. During the ride to the hospital, Lulu shed a lot of blood. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor told Lulu that because of her irregular living habits and gluttonous eating, the baby in her stomach could not be saved. After listening to the doctor, they regretted not listening to the old man, but it was too late.

the pace of life of contemporary young people is very fast. They often order takeout to fill their stomachs after work. This habit is not advisable for pregnant women.

because takeaway needs to be packed, most of the packing boxes are made of plastic. As we all know, people in the catering industry are all about speed, so they don’t wait until the food gets cold before putting it in the box. And when hot food encounters plastic, they produce some chemical reactions. This will lead to food contaminated with some toxic substances, and when pregnant women eat these foods, it will have a bad impact on the fetus in the stomach.

most of the food outside has a strong taste. The reason for the heavy taste is that it can attract the taste buds of the guests and let them come back again. But these heavy taste takeout is not suitable for pregnant women, although the taste is very good, but too heavy taste is not conducive to fetal development.

in fact, in addition to the need for pregnant women to care about their diet and health, their families should also pay attention to some changes of pregnant women. Mother and baby are connected, only to ensure the health of pregnant women to ensure the health of the baby.

both husband and family should ensure the nutrition of pregnant women, make some nutritious food for them to eat, and communicate with pregnant women in time to adjust their wrong ideas.

it’s hard to change habits, but with determination, it’s not a problem. Pregnant women should change those bad living habits from the early stage of pregnancy, and provide a good condition for their babies to be born in this world smoothly.

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