The positive rate of NCV detection in New York state was less than 1% for 7 consecutive days

China News Agency, New York, August 14 (Xinhua) New York governor Andrew Cuomo said on the 14th that the positive rate of New York State’s new coronavirus test was less than 1% for seven consecutive days. Komo held a teleconference on the same day to report the epidemic information. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in 85455 people in New York on 13 July. 727 people were positive, with a positive rate of 0.85%. 3 newly diagnosed patients died of new crown pneumonia, 554 of the total number of hospitalized patients and 127 of the intensive care patients. At present, there are more than 424000 confirmed infections and 25200 deaths in New York State, and nearly 74000 patients have recovered after hospitalization. In view of the continuous alleviation of the epidemic situation, Como said that the cultural and entertainment industries could be further restarted. According to the plan, the bowling alley in New York state can be opened for business on the 17th, but the passenger flow is limited to 50% of the normal situation, and the fairways should be opened at intervals; customers must wear masks when entering the stadium, and can only gather in their own fairways; food and drinks should be delivered to each fairway by special personnel to avoid unnecessary contact between customers. < / P > < p > low risk cultural places in New York City, such as museums and aquariums, can be opened on the 24th. The capacity of tourists in these places is limited to 25% of the normal time, and the tickets should be allowed to enter the venue at different times. The venues should ensure that tourists wear masks and regulate the flow of people. Como said the gym restart rules will be announced on the 17th. With regard to the start of the fall semester in schools, Cuomo said that based on current data, New York state schools can open, but that doesn’t mean they have to. Schools should start school on the premise of ensuring safety. Since Como announced last week that the school’s fall semester could open, there have been calls for a postponement, especially in New York City. New York City Mayor Robert bethlehose said school epidemic prevention measures would be strengthened, including one licensed nurse in each public school. But the New York City Teachers’ Union questioned the feasibility of these measures and said it was not wise to move medical staff away from hospitals during the outbreak. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States were nearly 180 thousand cases in July 9th to August, and increased by 90% in 4 weeks, the data released by the American Academy of Pediatrics and children’s Hospital

this week showed that between 6 and August. Medical experts believe there must be more effective testing strategies to help communities get enough data to decide whether school should start, CNN reported. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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